Building the Business Value of your UC Digital Collaboration Initiatives

A UC engineers job on paper, seems straightforward. Typical job duties outlined are configuring, troubleshooting and supporting UC deployments, ensuring overall stability and availability of collaboration technologies and managing infrastructure projects. To the untrained professional, a UC engineer’s job seems easy enough: keep things running smooth and when they aren’t, figure out why. In reality though, so much goes into keeping a collaboration environment and it’s UC deployments up and running that measuring how efficient your organization is being is often pushed to the wayside.

Consider this scenario, if a UC engineer spends his or her day troubleshooting, problem-solving and researching its’ collaboration environment performance issues and ultimately figures out and solves the issue or issues, it’s often considered a job well done, regardless of how long it took them to complete the ticket. But, then comes that dreaded call from an executive who just had a really bad video call and to make matters worse it was an Investor Relations call. Guess who’s on the line to fix this and make sure it doesn’t happen again? If you guessed the UC engineer, you’re correct and they have to respond back ASAP what went wrong. Today, UC operations solve the problem by spending endless hours combing thru cryptic CDR data or guesstimating the issue of a problem or sometimes even finger pointing the blame on a faulty network and its’ operators.

Is this really the most efficient use of a UC engineers time? Is it really the most efficient way to ensure that an organization is taking a proactive stand towards improving team collaboration? The answer is simply, no. There are other ways out there to ensure that an organization has put in the proper tools to ensure collaboration environments are flawless, and if the environment is not flawless, it can easily be pinpointed as to why.

Before an organization takes the step into finding a solution that helps monitor and analyze those pesky CDRs and video and voice call issues, they should figure out what the grass really does look like on the other side instead of making a blind decision.

Beyond monitoring, UC Ops executives are also tasked to ensure adoption and utilization of all the new digital collaboration initiatives they are asked to lead. The executives are tasked to ensure timely transition of new UC deployments such as migration to soft VOIP phones, new UC cloud solutions as well working with facilities to enhance and optimize conference and huddle rooms to optimize employee and customer engagement. The UC executive needs data to be able to measure the performance, adoption and ROI of the UC spend as well as work with CxO’s to optimize real estate expenses where collaboration technology is needed. All of this translates to the need of real time and historical data analytics to be more informed and drive optimal digital collaboration behavior.

Measure and Evaluate the Efficiency of Your Organization with Vyopta

At Vyopta, our livelihood is monitoring and analytics — it’s in our blood. But, it’s in our veins to help organizations understand why they need Vyopta and focus on helping resolving business issues like reducing service tickets and time to resolve issues. We wanted to give prospective organizations the opportunity to learn the true value of how our Vyopta products help, so we created three self-guided calculators, respective to each one of our products, to help organizations understand how big of a difference using Vyopta can make and support the Digital Workplace Collaboration initiatives.

CPM Monitoring™

Vyopta’s CPM Monitoring module simplifies troubleshooting, isolates root causes and proactively manages UC performance. With our calculator designed specifically for CPM Monitoring, you will get to see the potential ROI improvement that you’ll gain from using Vyopta’s CPM Monitoring. Every organization’s goal is to reduce the time to resolve issues and reduce service tickets overall. With CPM Monitoring™ our goal is to help isolate issues to help reduce time and thus service tickets. Users of a real-time monitoring tool, like CPM Monitoring™ have seen an average of 15% reduction in service tickets. Check it out here.

CPM Analytics™

It’s one thing to monitor a UC environment, but it’s a whole other task to uncover trends, streamline reporting and improve collaboration, which is exactly what our CPM Analytics™module does. With our calculator designed specifically for CPM Analytics™, you will get to see the potential ROI improvement that you’ll gain from using Vyopta to improve utilization of the UC technologies. You’ll see exactly how improve of utilization translates to major cost savings in Opex as well as future spend based on optimized utilization . Check it out here.

Workspace Insights

With the workforce becoming more global, companies are blindly making real estate and technology decisions that make a significant impact to the company. Using Vyopta’s Workspace Insights can reduce real estate costs, improve room technology ROI and help organizations make data-driven decisions, rather than decisions based on assumption. With our calculator designed specifically for Workspace Insights, see the potential ROI improvement you’ll gain from using Vyopta’s Workspace Insights. Check it out here.

Using our calculators lets you see firsthand how you can save money and become more efficient with the help of Vyopta. And, when paired with the favorability and ease of use of our products, it almost seems like the grass truly is greener when it comes to using Vyopta as a tool to optimize an organization’s digital collaboration initiatives.