Everything Vyopta (and Zoom) This Year at the American Telemedicine Association’s Telehealth 2.0

Vyopta is thrilled to be attending “Telehealth 2.0” (a.k.a. “ATA 2017”) the world’s largest telehealth innovation and networking event. We’ll be on the showroom floor ready to blow your hair back by showing you how our product can unify an entire telemedicine network into a single tool so you can improve QoS, video quality, optimize your (very expensive) investment, and provide the data needed for legal and reimbursement issues.

After all, the telemedicine industry is the leading driver behind the exploding digital health trajectory. In fact, the telehealth market expected to approach $30 billion by the end of 2020. Now, more than ever before, it will be critical to make sure your investments are optimized and you’re getting the most from your technology.

Swing by Booth (#728) To Unify Your Entire Telemedicine Environment

Swing by and we’ll quickly review the benefits of unifying your entire, telemedicine network into a single system so you can improve your on-premise, cloud, and hybrid environment!

We’re pretty proud of what we do for the collaborations industry as a whole, but telemedicine is a special segment. At Vyopta, we well know the challenges within the industry. The high-cost of collaboration technology and lack of infrastructure the most common reasons attributed to limited success, however, when we speak with our customers (e.g., Veteran Affairs, Specialist on Call, University of Virgina, and more) things boil down to the management of telecommunications technology. In fact, upon rolling out Vyopta, our team worked with both the IT side of the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) organization as well as the Clinical team to develop different reports based on the key performance indicators for each department. Vyopta’s vAnalytics tool is being used across VA departments to provide value both in terms of improving medical outcomes and providing the IT team (EVTN) valuable technical insights for managing their telemedicine network.




We’re here to solve your telemedicine IT problems for you, so stop by and see us!American Telemedicine Association Floor Map

Oh, and did we mention there will be some sweet, sweet giveaways and prizes? Not only will we blow your hair back with our demo, we’ll be giving away fidget cubes, t-shirts, and raffling off a fit watch (we thought this was quite fitting for ATA).

ATA 2017 Prize Giveaway

Chill Out with Vyopta + Zoom at Minus 5˚ Ice Bar

Chill out and join Vyopta + Zoom at Minus 5˚ Ice Bar in Pointe Orlando, the premier entertainment district near the Orange County Convention Center. You’ll be drinking from glasses made of ice to ensure your vodka and whiskey stay chilled to the max while you’re wearing faux coats and hats to keep you warm and a photographer to captures it all. The Minus 5˚ Ice Bar is a very short walk from the expo floor, and it’s absolutely worth the 10 minute walk (or 2-minute Uber ride) in the beautiful Orlando weather.

Oh, and if you get too chilly, the “Fire Bar” will also be open and serving so you can warm up! 

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Want to Stay On Top of This Years Happenings at Telehealth 2.0? 

That’s right, we’ll be posting on all of this year’s happenings on social media. So, go ahead and follow us on Twitter whether you plan to attend this year’s event or not. We’ll keep you informed of all the new technology releases, session details, and other fun happenings!