Vyopta Enhances UC Monitoring with Over 200 Event Alerts and Advanced Network Insights

Event Alerting capabilities include new support for Zoom Rooms, with Microsoft Teams Rooms coming soon.

Austin, TX – June 6, 2024—Vyopta, a global leader in digital collaboration and experience optimization, today announced upcoming enhancements to its Intelligent Monitoring Engine. These enhancements will enable users to detect and troubleshoot video endpoint and network reliability issues more quickly. Over 200 event alerts for SIP Endpoints, Zoom Rooms, and Microsoft Team Rooms, along with new network diagnostics, will be released.  

Events Monitoring Enhancement

The new events will identify quality, reliability, security, and configuration issues (spanning audio, calling, camera, casting, network, security, software, status, and video) to provide unprecedented specificity in monitoring UC environments. Vyopta’s event alerting capabilities now include more detailed classifications for Cisco/SIP endpoints and introduce new support for Zoom Rooms, with Microsoft Teams Rooms integration on the horizon. These advancements allow architects, engineers, and administrators to gain deeper insights into the health and performance of their UC deployments.

“Understanding and quickly addressing issues in UC environments is crucial,” said Jonathan Sass, Vyopta VP of Product Management. “Our enhanced event monitors not only provide configuration and security benefits but also significantly reduce the mean time to resolution by identifying where in the network issues are occurring and routing tickets to the right individuals.”

Location & Network Based Insights 

In addition to these robust event alerts, Vyopta is introducing advanced network and location-based monitoring. Customers can now leverage standardized attributes and dimensions that previously required custom tagging. With standardized data collection, customers can effortlessly compare utilization across geographically dispersed locations and corporate networks and receive alerts tailored to specific locations. This automated process ensures that building attributes are populated accurately, reducing the need for manual tagging.

Vyopta’s dashboard view offers insights into building utilization on a city-by-city basis, while location-aware alerts ensure that issues are directed to the appropriate on-site personnel. This enhancement is especially valuable for managing executive boardrooms and other high-priority areas, ensuring that disruptions are swiftly addressed.

“By exposing these standard attributes to both the analytics and monitoring products, we’re enabling more effective and targeted alerting, making our monitoring solutions more valuable than ever,” said Sass.

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