Vyopta Introduces New Agent for Enhanced Monitoring and Analytics of Microsoft Teams and Zoom Rooms

AUSTIN, Texas — Nov. 28, 2023  — Vyopta, a global leader in digital collaboration and experience optimization, today announces the launch of its new agent for Microsoft Teams and Zoom Rooms. This marks a significant evolution for the company, which has historically provided agentless solutions. The new agent aims to deliver more accurate and deeper monitoring and analytics by pulling data directly from devices.

The introduction of this new agent is a strategic move designed to provide best-in-class insights. By directly collecting data from devices, the agent improves troubleshooting capabilities. It allows for a more accurate and granular understanding of collaborative environments, leading to fewer false positives and a better representation of the digital ecosystem.

“This new agent is a foundational element in our broader strategy,” says Jonathan Sass, Vyopta VP of Product and Marketing. “The reason for this departure from our traditional agentless approach is twofold. Firstly, it enhances the value we provide today by offering deeper insights. Secondly, it aligns with our long-term vision to optimize the entire digital employee experience, whether you’re collaborating with others or working individually.”

Historically, Vyopta has been focused on enabling effective collaboration experiences through its technology, space, and user insights. The introduction of the agent-based approach not only augments this but also creates opportunities for the future to enhance employees’ individual and focused work as well. It enables Vyopta to collect new data types that give deeper insight into both collaboration and individual work, including user behavior, application usage, and device performance. The agent will also improve troubleshooting capabilities by providing access to real-time data from devices and optimize the digital employee experience by providing a holistic view of employee interactions with technology.

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