Upgrade to Premium Dial Back Monitoring Provided to All Vyopta Customers Through 6/15

IT professionals in charge of maintaining collaboration environments have always had a hard job, but COVID-19 has put an unprecedented strain on this profession. It’s you – the IT professionals whom Vyopta serves – who are keeping business services running and employees collaborating amidst massive shifts towards remote work that are impacting your systems and processes. Vyopta wants to help and we are here to partner with you.

Effective immediately through June15, 2020, all Vyopta customers will be upgraded to the Premium tier of CPM Monitoring that includes dial-back storage (30 days) for no additional charge. 


Why did we make this decision?

It’s the right thing to do. Organizations everywhere are experiencing a massive increase in collaboration tech usage, and IT teams are working hard to keep critical business functions running and support remote employees. With so much on your plates, this will give you more time to troubleshoot issues and manage this sudden change in how people are working.


How will this help?

You can’t fix what you can’t measure. Additional storage in CPM Monitoring enables customers to:

  • Spot more systemic trends (and faster). More data means more possibilities to correlate poor outcomes like bad quality or lags in reliability to true root causes.
  • Capacity plan with confidence. See trends on system capacity and correlate new employee usage patterns to collaboration environment needs
  • Catch up on troubleshooting. Having call data available for a longer period means IT pros can triage troubleshooting needs based on impact to the business, not on what data is going to expire

Customers on Standard and Professional levels will have their dial-back increased automatically and can access this additional storage by selecting the new options under “last hours/days” or “custom date/time” from the time-picker drop-down in the center of their CPM MonitoringⓇ screen.

Our Commitment

Our teams will be there to support you with 24/5 product support available via email, web, and now live chat, along with a knowledge base of self-help articles.

Many of our customers and users are part of organizations on the front lines of supporting victims, some are researching cures, and all are helping their organizations navigate this incredibly difficult economic environment. We don’t mean to go as far as saying Vyopta is solving those problems, but we believe IT professionals who can make significant impacts in these endeavors need help as quickly as possible. To our Vyopta customers, we are in this with you. To the broader Vyopta community who may not be IT professionals, take a quick second to send your IT team a thank you. We are all in this together. Login to your Vyopta account today to view your upgrade features.