Ebook: The Expert’s Collection – Everything You Need To Manage Unified Communications

We’ve curated our top-rated resources and bundled them together to help you uncover realistic tactics to get more out of your unified communications environment. In this collection, you’ll find practical resources you can use to improve your environment and your workday.

Here is what you can expect to learn from this resource collection:

WHITE PAPER: The State of Unified Communications

WHITE PAPER: The State of Unified Communications 

  • Results from 450+ IT professionals working in Unified Communications
  • Top rated blogs, communities, conferences, events and certifications
  • What professional backgrounds are influencing the industry
  • “The Evolution of Unified Communications” timeline
  • The complete list of responsibilities within Unified Communications
  • …and other truth bombs


FEATURED Panel Discussion Webinar December

WEBINAR: The State of Unified Communications & What to Expect in 2017 

Watch and learn as our expert panel from large companies including Vistaprint, IVCi, and SolarWinds candidly discuss the current state and future of Unified Communications (UC).


FLOWCHARTS: How to Troubleshoot a Video Call

  • Tips to quickly know if the 1) network, 2) end-user, 3) AV equipment or 4) video provider is to blame
  • 36+ easy-to-follow troubleshooting tactics that will preserve your sanity
  • A better understanding of when you can blame the “far end” of the call
  • Two versions (An “R” rated version for you, and a “PG” version for your boss)
  • Yoda, Dr. Leonard McCoy, Chuck Norris, Austin Powers, Bill Murray, The Most Interesting Man and more!


Guide: Improving Video Call Quality

GUIDE: Improving Video Conferencing Call Quality

  • Video call quality benchmarking based on 400+ million video minutes 
  • Top reasons for “bad” call quality and how to resolve them
  • Easy formula to show the impact of “bad” video quality on productivity 
  • Survey results from over 200+ enterprise IT professionals 
  • Actionable advice from video conferencing experts 
  • …and other insightful nuggets of wisdom


Battling the video conferencing call quality beast infographic

INFOGRAPHIC: Battling the Video Conferencing Call Quality Beast

  • Stats for your hellacious on-premise, cloud-based, and multi-vendor environment
  • Industry standards for video call quality benchmarking
  • Formula: Bad video quality vs. your company’s productivity
  • Tactics to avoid network performance and user error red-herrings
  • Five steps to take down the video call quality beast – for good