Ebook: Video Conferencing David & Goliath Stories

What you’ll find: 


  • How Polycom, Pexip and Acano are attacking Cisco
  • How Cisco is fighting to be #1 in video conferencing
  • Microsoft Skype for Business’ role in the enterprise video conferencing battle
  • What you need to built a stronger video conferencing network

It’s an all-out war between the top video conferencing vendors to build the best technologies. Naturally, we’ve dubbed Cisco as the “Goliath” within the industry. However, Polycom, Pexip, and Acano continue to chuck stones at Cisco. Meanwhile, Microsoft Skype for Business is hiding in the shadows, waiting to pounce.

In this ebook, we tell the video conferencing industry version of the age old David and Goliath tale. We’ll explain how these battles will influence the way you continue to design and build your video conferencing network.

We hope you enjoy!