Ebook: Mini Guide – Improving Video Conferencing Call Quality

What you’ll find: 

  • Video call quality benchmarking based on 400+ million video minutes 
  • Top reasons for “bad” call quality and how to resolve them
  • Easy formula to show the impact of “bad” video quality on productivity 
  • Survey results from over 200+ enterprise IT professionals 
  • Actionable advice from video conferencing experts 
  • …and other insightful nuggets of wisdom


Our Mission to Improve Call Quality

“It’s video conferencing, it’s not supposed to work.” Did that make you chuckle? Us too. Kudos to this clever (yet snarky) survey response from an IT video conferencing professional. However, this comment (like so many others) shows IT teams have been throwing up their hands when it comes to managing the quality performance of their video conferencing environments.

At Vyopta, we understand most large companies feel they can only focus on making sure their video conferencing and collaboration environment is up and running. Trying to optimize or proactively improve quality overall is a tall order, especially when there is so much else to do.

To help, we recently surveyed over 200+ enterprise IT professionals and pulled data from over 400+ video conferencing calls. By putting these insights together, we’ve been able to provide you; tips on tracking the correct data (and getting rid of the junk), formulas to show how even the smallest % of “bad” video calls is impacting your company’s productivity, specific recommendations for video quality benchmarks, advice on tracking user sentiment, and more!

We hope you enjoy!