Team Polycom 2015 Survival Guide

Are you planning on heading out to Orlando next week for the Team Polycom 2015 Conference? These 5 tips will help you get the most out of your experience at this year’s conference. We’re expecting to see great things from some key players in the collaboration industry, and we don’t want you to miss out!


If you’ve ever attended a conference before, you know that it’s all about networking. There’s nothing better than building valuable relationships with people in the collaboration industry face-to-face, over lunch, hors d’oeuvres and/or cocktails. The crowd of partners, analysts, and general collaboration thought leaders is especially good at TEAM Polycom (especially since we will be there). But, many conference attendees and sponsors miss out on the social chatter before, during and after the event.

Do you have a Twitter account? If you are reasonably active on Twitter, you might want to check out the hashtag #TEAMPolycom to get in on some of the hype, live updates, general information, changes in the agenda and NETWORKING. There are plenty of users to connect with before the conference even starts. Twitter is the perfect medium to get the latest news and interact with other conference attendees giving you a proper head start in the networking game.


Team Polycom 2015 will have a whole bunch of breakout sessions to choose from that you will want to attend. If you’re attending along with two or more representatives of your company make sure you have these two things to maximize the productivity of your experience:

Make sure everyone from your company brings their business cards. Bring the GOOD business card for this event. (Share this tip with everyone on your team : when you receive business cards from other attendees, write something specific down on the card about the person to help you remember them.)

When you register, plan to attend different sessions than everyone else on your team. Set up your session agenda with the builder and access it any time from your smart phone, tablet or laptop. Cover more ground, take more notes and combine all of your notes at the end of the conference. You’ll take away the most valuable information from the conference to add to the 2015/2016 playbook.


This conference can be pretty overwhelming at times – especially during those couple of hours spent dedicated to roaming the EXPO floor. There are many demos, and booths you’ll want to check out. Take a lap around the floor with your team to get a quick first look at everything Team Polycom 2015 has to offer. Have everyone pick a top five and spend the majority of your time focused on those 5 exhibits.

Before Tuesday, be sure to check out the exhibitors that will be attending this year. Learn a little bit about each one so you have a few questions in mind before you get there. (Come ready with a few questions written down.) For example: What are some of the biggest problems our customers have that your product or service can solve?


I always like to have a hard copy of the Team Polycom agenda for me and my team to using for planning purposes. This will be a critical element to helping you prioritize your conference. Open up the printer friendly version of the 2015 agenda here.


Combine all of your notes and prepare to share BIG ideas with the rest of your company. When you get back from Team Polycom 2015, your head will be jam-packed with new ideas for your customers. Before you lose momentum, share the stuff you liked/disliked. This event will surely deliver powerful information to align with your organization’s business goals – sessions, best practices, usage scenarios, customer stories, interviews and compelling partner testimonials. A powerpoint presentation with a couple of slides will do nicely.

Above all enjoy yourself at Team Polycom this year! You will be in good company. I’m excited for you to see what Vyopta is bringing to the EXPO floor!
Check us out at booth #8