Godfrey & Kahn See 75% Reduction in Troubleshooting Time with Vyopta

“We were able to reduce troubleshooting time 75 percent just with the Vyopta reports. Having the information at your fingertips is the most important thing about it. Troubleshooting takes us a matter of minutes now.”

Matthew Conway - Telecommunications Manager, Godfrey & Kahn

Godfrey & Kahn’s decades-long focus on business deals and litigation made its meetings with clients and among the firm’s colleagues of the utmost importance. The Covid-19 pandemic forced its hundreds of employees and 160 attorneys to work remotely and brought an early rush of poor online meetings, with the after effect of disputes by clients to the amount of billable hours they were being charged. The firm’s IT staff were also overwhelmed by the volume of troubleshooting tickets for meetings taking place largely outside its network.


The Challenge

  • Remote work forced meetings with the firm’s largely corporate client base had to move online quickly
  • Attorneys and staff were uncomfortable early on relying on remote collaboration and UC tools, creating an excess of trouble tickets for IT teams who were already overwhelmed with managing the remote work transition
  • Poor voice and video calls caused largely by user-side issues resulted in an increase in challenges to billable hours totals by clients, which threatened to severely impact the firm’s revenue

Turning to Vyopta

Godfrey & Kahn tried demos of several analytics and data tools to try to address those difficulties. Vyopta was selected because it could provide easy, quick insights into Microsoft Teams usage as in addition to finding the source of call quality issues such as insufficient equipment or bad at-home networks on the user side. The multi-vendor capabilities to monitor the entire UC and collaboration environment in one pane of glass offered an easy answer to the firm’s troubles.

The Summary

Troubleshooting time on call quality issues dropped by 75 percent almost immediately after adoption, and the number of incident reports quickly fell off because IT teams were better able to identify and fix the root causes of those problems. Most billing disputes were successfully rebutted because the firm could identify client-side issues as the cause of poor calls. Usage of Microsoft Teams also increased because update frequency was monitored to make sure staff were using the most recent version to ensure the best experience possible.


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