UETN Turns to Vyopta to Optimize Connectivity and Quality

“The data we get from Vyopta is crucial to our ability to deliver on our state legislature mandated mission to support the technology needs of the distance-learning program in Utah”

James Hodges

Video Operations Center Manager, UETN

The Utah Education and Telehealth Network (UETN) provides a statewide fiber optic based gigabit network, Internet access, digital broadcast network services, an IP based interactive video conferencing (IVC) network, and content and application services including the learning management system (LMS) for Utah’s K12, higher education, technical colleges, and libraries, including Utah’s library for young learners.


The Challenge

  • UETN’s IVC services support the distance education needs of Utah’s K12 and higher education stakeholders managing on average 400 video based learning events a day with seven dedicated tier one video operations staff and three tier two support staff
  • These groups are tasked with ensuring each of the distance learning events are delivered seamlessly for the faculty as well as students
  • This process was labor intensive and included one staff member arriving at UETN by 5:00am every morning to start individual tests on each video endpoint throughout the state and core infrastructure to ensure connectivity and functionality, then manually comparing the findings with the day’s class schedule to ensure any end point with scheduled classes was fully functional.
  • Institution-level reporting of IVC analytics required weeks of manual work to compile and organize data

UETN Turns to Vyopta

UETN’s need for a solution that could help monitor and analyze historical IVC usage data led to Vyopta.

  • With Vyopta, UETN has cut down on the amount of manual testing and reporting necessary to ensure that video endpoints are up and functional and ready to support video learning events.
  • Weeks of manual manipulation of IVC data to create an actionable report have been minimized to minutes
  • UETN can quickly identify network issues at the carrier level that are affecting IVC services
  • Vyopta’s real-time alerts have helped UETN’s team find issues before the user has a poor experience

The Summary

Vyopta has helped UETN decrease the amount of effort and time required to ensure each scheduled video learning event will occur seamlessly for the instructors and students and that reporting can be completed at an institution level in minutes versus weeks.

The combination of Vyopta’s automated utilization reporting and broad visibility across UETN’s entire UC environment empower UETN to justify their continued funding from the Utah state government.


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