Vyopta CEO Gives a Five-Minute Pandemic Update

On Tuesday, March 24th, The IMCCA hosted a five-minute virtual pandemic update surrounding its members and communicating what they are doing to support the community during the pandemic. The IMCCA is a non-profit organization for supporting the collaborative conferencing industry for more than 20 years.

Carol Zelkin, the executive director of the IMCCA, sat down with Vyopta CEO, Alfredo Ramirez, and the Director of Emerging Technologies, David Danto, to discuss how unified communication is helping the many thousands of people that are now working remotely for this first time.

Alfredo Ramirez speaks on how Vyopta helps businesses to harness the power of big data sourced from collaboration technologies and to help their customers continually improve their quality and reliability of their collaboration technology investments, the utilization of meeting technology and workspace, and employee engagement with customers, partners, and internal teams. Alfredo mentions, “In the past month Vyopta has observed significant growth of video participants due to COVID-19 and remote work environments.”


How Has Vyopta Responded?

During this time Vyopta has offered an extension on its trial services. An overview of all three trials offered can be found here. Vyopta recognizes that there is a need to measure quality and reliability performance to ensure that these remote workers have the tools to perform day-to-day. As part of this trial service extension, organizations can leverage Vyopta’s tools to perform other critical functions.

Alfredo states that Vyopta is helping companies during this time guiding business’s through re-thinking their UC cast strategies with some fresh ideas. In partnership with the IMCCA, Vyopta can significantly help the marketplace drive the optimal support of business continuity.


What Advice Do You Have for Remote Workers?

Alfredo gives three great thoughts on his advice for the best remote-work scenario:

  • Focus on what you can control. It’s important that you have this mindset to perform your personal duties for your family, your business team, and your community.
  • Ensure that we (IT/Operations) fully have deployed the tools that enable employees to successfully do their work from home. Recognize that this is an opportunity to make our businesses more resilient, efficient, and competitive going forward.
  • Leverage the data and insights to continually learn in order to maximize the performance of the remote workforce.
  • Stay connected with family, friends, teams, and peers. This is really a time to continually learn and optimize how we take care of each other.


As part of our response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Vyopta is currently offering a free trial to help IT teams support massive expansion in remote work.