Webinar Recap: Making The Office Safe For Today & Ready For Tomorrow

On Tuesday July 14th, Vyopta hosted a webinar with thought leaders at Intereum, Cisco and Vyopta. The panel discussion covered the discussion on making the office safe for today and ready for tomorrow. Panelists included John Arsenault, Collaboration Sales Specialist at Cisco, Matt Quinn, Vice President Principal Integrated Solutions at Intereum and Jonathan Sass, Head of Product Management at Vyopta – The panelists provided high level discussions around topics ranging from World-class collaboration technology to support the new workplace, paired with work-from-home enablement, optimizing use of physical space in the office for compliance, and data and intelligence to ensure a safe return to the office.


John Arsenault kicked off the discussion around what steps Cisco is taking to help customers and partners during this time of remote work and returning to office. John mentioned how today most of us are working from home – we are trying to help prepare us for the next steps. When working from home it’s important to supply workers with the right tools to be productive. Cisco Webex Teams brings together messaging, meetings, calling, voice mail, file sharing and white-boarding all in one single application to make working from home easier.


Jonathan Sass with Vyopta then explained how Vyopta helps at every stage of the re-entry process.

Optimize: When optimizing the workplace experience it is really important to understand who is using each space, and it’s important to know when they are using the spaces in the workplace.

Plan: Help identify what type of technology and what types of office space is best to facilitate the types of collaboration that you’re already using.

Re-enter: It’s really important to track who is using different spaces in the office and to understand how your rooms are being used. We now need to look at what is the optimal occupancy of the room to ensure the safety.

Vyopta helps at every stage! We can help in a remote work environment as well as a re-entry environment. Vyopta helps with adoption and utilization analytics and systemic issue detection, as well as data driven planning, compliance reporting on usage vs booking rooms

Matt Quinn at Intereum closed off the webinar with presenting various office layouts that have been discussed around the topic of return to office and how to ensure a safe environment. He discusses how there is a minimum of 6ft distance between office chairs, this makes the office layout change drastically. We start to see reduction of seat count and we realize the office will not be able to hold the same amount of people.

Facing each other’s desk space is something that people will no longer want to do. Staggered desk assignment where one team comes in a certain day and the other team comes in on the alternative days.Meeting rooms are now being questioned. Small huddle rooms may be a temporary solution. The one thing they are lacking is hard and fast data. Now is the right time to be collecting the right data to plan for future phases to the workplace and that’s where Vyopta and Cisco can help.

Want to see more on the Making the Office Safe For Today And Ready For Tomorrow? Watch the full webinar on demand below!