Webinar Recording: The State of UC & What to Expect in 2017


Watch as our expert panel from large companies including Vistaprint, IVCi, and SolarWinds candidly discuss the current state and future of Unified Communications (UC). We will pose questions and review survey results provided by 450+ UC professionals. 

Here are just a few topics questions and survey responses you can expect:

  • How has UC evolved over the past 3-5 years? How has this impacted enterprise companies and UC professionals?
  • What were the biggest industry trends of 2016 that could influence next year?
  • How did video fit into UC in 2016 and what can we expect in 2017?
  • Who is really responsible when things break? AV? Network Engineers? Both?
  • Do network and AV teams struggle to work together to manage video? Why or why not?
  • What are the biggest predictions for 2017?
  • How can professionals, tasked with UC, better cope with their job responsibilities in 2017?


Chris Bottger Headshot

Chris Bottger

Chief Technology Officer, IVCi

Matt Stevenson Headshot

Matt Stevenson

Collaboration & Process Consultant, (Vistaprint and Videonor)

Patrick Hubbard Headshot

Patrick Hubbard

Technical Product Marketing Director, SolarWinds

Robert Hock Headshot

Robert Hock

Director of Product Management, Vyopta



Expert analysis of UC trends, predictions and technology ratings

Want more? Our webinar panelist, Matt Stevenson, graciously provided Expert Analysis: of 2017 Unified Communication Trends, Industry Predictions, and Technology Ratings.