On Friday, February 7th, 2014, Google launched the Chromebox for meetings, which complements their other video products.

  • Google video chat
  • Google Hangouts and
  • Google Helpouts

So … why is this an important announcement?

By Google offering a full suite of low-cost video communication products for business, they can be the primary catalyst to accelerate user adoption.

Vidyo has also launched its VidyoH20 product to connect all non-Google endpoints into Google Hangouts, the virtual video meeting room.

Vidyo is benefiting from Google’s mass entry into the video market.

[bctt tweet=”With @vidyo, Google video chat is becoming a real part of the enterprise #videoconferencing network” username=”vyopta”]

They have signed a strategic agreement with Google to bring their unique capabilities to Google’s WebRTC and Hangouts.

In conclusion, I am excited about the potential for faster adoption of video, which will accelerate the use of video in business and become part of every worker’s day to day communication modality.

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