Telehealth Education Delivered

Yesterday, the Vyopta team spent some time at the Veterans Affairs Hospital down the road in San Antonio, Texas with a bunch of our partners in the Telehealth Education Delivered (TED2Go) mobile health vehicle. Created by Ironbow Technologies, TED2Go is a mobile demonstration lab packed with the latest in remote health care, collaboration, mobile, diagnosis, imaging, and rehabilitation technology.

A Truck with a Mission

Telehealth Education Delivered is on a tour of the country to help local doctors, nurses, and IT professionals to look at the problem of expanding affordable healthcare together by providing hands-on access and evaluation of the latest telehealth technologies. Vyopta is demonstrating how we contribute to telehealth with our products. We provide analytics to determine the ROI and help improve the quality and reliability of service with vAnalytics™. It is our mission to unite the needs of the healthcare workers to serve more patients with the IT Team who wants to provide the best technology for communication.

Introducing The IT Doctor

Analytics are critical because health care cannot be subjected to even 1% downtime because that downtime might be happening during an open-heart surgery by a doctor over 1000 miles away. In current video health systems, IT managers depend on a user to deliver a complaint when a system is down. In the case of remote surgery, this is a tragedy, not just an inconvenience. This is why it is important for IT managers to know how the system is performing and be able to diagnose problem areas before they fail. In fact, analytics for telehealth fills the same need for IT as regular physical checkups and exams do for health care. The “doctor” needs to be able to spot problems before they occur in order to drastically lower the cost of care and provide the best quality of life. vAnalytics is the best solution for health care because it is the only tool in the industry that provides a single, easy to use interface for multiple video collaboration technology platforms. This give the IT Support Team and Manager instant access to the most vital performance statistics all the time, no matter what devices or software are being used.

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In addition to the technology from Vyopta that is in TED, there are many other very cool innovations that are definitely worth your time to check out.  TED will be visiting a city near you sometime this year, and I would highly encourage you to make time on your schedule to find some solutions that can help you.

You can also watch a video from our visit with the truck in Amarillo. Catch Vyopta at 0:18!