Vyopta Proudly Welcomes Pinnaca to Our New Partner Program

We’re delighted to announce our partnership Pinnaca, whose focus and expertise in the video conferencing space provides Vyopta the opportunity to expand our reach. As of today, we’re extending video monitoring, alerts and analytics solutions to Pinnaca customers through the Pinnaca’s Managed Service offering, and to Pinnaca customers who manage their own video environments.

We are very excited about how Pinnaca’s business model aligns perfectly with Vyopta’s partner program. Pinnaca brings a deep understanding of video and collaboration technologies, which are reflected in their long standing and deeply integrated customer relationships. Pinnaca assumes responsibility for supporting their customer’s video conferencing and collaboration success, including:

  • delivering the highest quality video call experience
  • increasing adoption of video to improve collaboration and decision-making
  • leveraging their extensive expertise to help their customers make intelligent planning and investment decisions

We couldn’t be more excited to have Pinnaca joining our Partner program. In fact, we are thrilled that our new partner program has taken off so rapidly, and with such brands as;




Vyopta’s Partner Program Origin Story

This announcement of our partnership with Pinnaca follows the Q3, 2016 launch of the Vyopta Partner Program, and Vyopta’s commitment to a formal and fully supported reseller program. This was an important decision made by the Vyopta executive management team, as we recognized there are a finite set of partners who have developed critical relationships with their customers as trusted advisors. Through strategic partnerships, we could reach and offer tremendous value to those organizations that have made sizeable investments in video and collaboration technology. Working closely with a select set of partners, would allow Vyopta to increase exposure, and accelerate the decision-making around our solutions.

However, we realized that simply wanting to build a successful channel program wasn’t sufficient to launch and activate an effective program. We have seen various channel programs launched by companies in the collaboration space, that had been either ineffective or received only a tepid reception by the channels they had targeted.

Philosophy Behind Vyopta Partnerships

At Vyopta, we knew that we needed a few critical conditions to be in place before developing and launching an effective channel community, or in other words we needed the right ingredients before we started cooking.  At a minimum they were:

A fully mature product, with existing market acceptance and demand. Vyopta has been offering its flagship vAnalytics solutions for several years. Over the past 18 months, we’ve added extensive real-time monitoring and alerts, allowing organizations to understand the quality of the video they were delivering to their users, and address issues before they make a noticeable negative impact. We continue to see accelerated adoption of our solution by Global enterprises, government agencies, universities and healthcare organizations.

Vyopta Customers

BLOG: Vyopta Customer Logos


A clear and meaningful value proposition for partners. While a value proposition to customers is essential for doing business, we understood that an equally compelling value proposition to partners was required to build and sustain an effective partner program. Obviously, financial incentives are always important, but Vyopta also allows its partners a path to truly differentiate themselves, engage with their customers at the core (at the network and infrastructure level), and apply their expertise and knowledge in a way that is truly meaningful to their customers.

A natural channel capable of effectively engaging with decision makers. Not all technology solutions have a natural channel that is aligned both with your solution, and your target customers and the decision-making teams within those organizations. Fortunately, the video conferencing and collaboration space, though rapidly evolving, was mature, and we identified specific partners who combine deep experience with video and collaboration technologies, i.e. Cisco, Polycom and Microsoft SfB, with equal knowledge around how these applications are affected and supported by infrastructure and network resources. And, we were able to confirm that those customers who derive the most value from Vyopta’s solutions – organizations with large complex video networks – already were engaged with these same set of partners, who were providing them with trusted advice.  

Benefits of Partnering with Vyopta

Once we realized that we had the right ingredients to development an effective channel partner program, we set out to put together a program that was focused on supporting customers, rewarding partners, and that would accelerate Vyopta’s go-to-market efforts. The key elements of Vyopta’s Partner Program that have made it such a success so far are:

Rewarding partners for their sustained long-term relationships with their customers, and allowing partners to benefit from near zero customer churn with Vyopta’s solutions. Vyopta’s annual subscription model allows partners to remain connected with their customers; provide renewal of service, and solve key strategic issues and initiatives that their customers value – improve quality, drive adoption, intelligently plan and invest for growth – all of which support their trusted advisor model they maintain with their customers.

Vyopta structured a very aggressive project registration program to reward proactive engagement by resellers with their customers. This helps ensure that partners who register their projects and work transparently with Vyopta receive a significant financial incentive and access to and the full support by Vyopta’s sales and engineering teams. Vyopta has invested in a high touch teams that works very closely with partners to ensure that they have access to sales and technical resources, timely demonstrations and fully supported customer trials.

Vyopta is pursuing a limited distribution model and is targeting only highly qualified partners who match a defined profile. This level of selectivity accomplishes several key objectives, including:

  • Allows Vyopta to effectively support those partners selected to join our program.
  • Allows a selected partner to offer a truly unique offering relative to their competitors.
  • Allows Vyopta to select only those partners who are most qualified from a market reach and technical standpoint.
  • Encourages partners to invest in education and support, because they know they have a reasonable opportunity to earn a fair margin on the sale and deployment of Vyopta solutions.

If you’re interested in how Vyopta can complement your company’s portfolio of services and solutions, or would like to join our Reseller Program please visit our Partner Portal


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