Red, white, & awesome: The veterans at Vyopta

To many of us, July 4th means pool parties, barbecues with friends and family, and a day off from work. While our national exuberance expresses itself in hamburgers and fireworks, today we reflect on the men and women who have fought (and continue to fight) for our ability to remain a free country.

We are honored to have 3 veterans as part of the Vyopta family and want to take a moment to thank them for their bravery and service to the country as well as their continued excellence supporting Vyopta.

Our Veterans

Chris Perez, an IT Lead all-star, was part of the United States Marine Corps from 2002 – 2006. He uses his USMC values of honor, courage, and commitment to be the ultimate team player. Chris keeps our systems up and running while looking out for ways to improve and optimize. He’s always there when you need him and ready to jump into any situation without question.

Dmitry Kushnirsky, our Team Lead for Data Collection, served in the US Army Reserve from 2002-2008. Dmitry took part in Operation Iraqi Freedom 2, was stationed at the Speicher FOB in Tikrit in 2004, and helped escort supply convoys. He is self-effacing, honest and an excellent communicator—he is a lifeline between his team and our clients. Troubleshooting, communicating, and making sure our customers are successful as possible at managing their workflows.

Justin Akin, our Customer Success Engineer, served in the US Army from 2006 to 2010 as a helicopter crew chief and mechanic on Chinook helicopters. An enthusiastic advocate for his team, he mused on the similarities between his Army experience and working at Vyopta:

“Quite honestly, I see many similarities between my experiences at Vyopta and the Army:

  • Both environments are very fast-paced and challenging
  • In order to be effective, it is necessary to integrate effectively with other crew/team members to leverage everyone’s area of expertise in order to GSD (Get Stuff Done)
  • You have to jump in and get my hands dirty (although the present dirt has to do with tracing data and code versus the grease and grime found on helicopters).”

Thank you for your service, from Vyopta!

We are truly thankful for all our American heroes across the country! Have a safe and happy July 4th!