Share Your (Or Someone Else’s) Video Conferencing Call Story and Win!

We all have those embarrassing or hilarious video call experiences we love to share – or try really hard to forget. I’ve had requests from Vyopta employees, blog subscribers, social followers, and more to try and formally collect some of these gems instead of just sharing them with one another after something horrific happens in a video meeting.

I mean, who doesn’t love reading ridiculous office stories and getting a chuckle during a tough work week?

Due to the overwhelming demand, we’re asking you to share your video call story below!

After a few weeks, we will select a winner and send them a little something special! 

Your brain is likely reeling with examples, but here’s some inspiration!

So, we’re looking for those moments that leave you asking, “What in the Sam Hill is happening over there?” Whether you describe a rhapsody of background noises, including the highly amplified sound of crunched Fritos, paper shuffling, barking dogs, traffic or shrieks as someone spills scalding coffee in their lap, we’ll take it. I know I’ve had the unfortunate pleasure of being a video call where someone dialed in from a commercial restroom. We had our suspicions while on the call, but those power-flushing toilets that sound like World War II naval battles were what finally gave him away!

We’ll also accept;

  • cats on keyboards
  • show-stopping comments when call participants think hey are muted
  • inappropriate backdrops (see my story below)
  • embarrassing moments when video call participant doesn’t realize their video is ON
  • horrifying miscommunications
  • anything with infants
  • multi-tasking mishaps
  • …I could go on forever!

How to Win

  • You’re welcome to remain anonymous! However, if you would like to win, please provide your name and email address so we can officially send you something special!
  • R-rated submissions are fine, but just know this isn’t a “dirtiest” story contest. Often times originality outweighs shock factor.

How to Share Your Video Call StoryHow to enter and win video story content

  1. Quickly create an account below.
  2. Share your video call story via our comments.

Have fun, and feel free to comment on one another stories or note which one is your favorite!