Vyopta and Pinnaca Announcing Global Partnership

Collaboration allows our customers to magnify the value enterprises worldwide gained from video and unified communications.

We are pleased to announce a strong strategic technology partnership with Pinnaca, a leading provider of managed visual communication and collaboration services. This partnership will enhance our joint customer’s accessibility to real-time, all-inclusive analytics on the operation of cloud, on-premise or hybrid visual collaboration technology deployments in their enterprise.

With the partnership, Pinnaca and Vyopta expect to present high quality services for Unified Communications collaborative systems across the globe for their customers by providing vAnalytics for worldwide customers under its single, integrated system to monitor, analyze, and improve the performance of single and multi-vendor collaborative environments.

With the integration into Pinnaca’s Global Managed Service offerings, customer demands for improved monitoring, alerting and reporting features through one inclusive portal can be met as their video platforms expand. Through the aggregation of real-time data, the solution provides an easy-to-use platform tool that anyone can access on a browser to carve up reports that promptly share invaluable insights on how to optimize resources and improve quality in the analyzed unified communications. The service also offers customizable and consolidated success metrics as well as real-time troubleshooting to help refine call quality and successfully settle issues quickly.

Vyopta’s historical adaptation to the video communications world from hardware and software to software solutions and Pinnaca’s active role in helping the evolution of video communications have allowed both companies to accrue deep experience and knowledge that they can uniquely offer their customers. This joint venture will drive immense efficiency and productivity for their customers through their own secure collaboration.


“We are incredibly proud of our partnership with Vyopta and our ability to provide our customers and partners with the most advanced monitoring capabilities. Vyopta compliments Pinnaca’s extensive video collaboration portfolio with an intuitive tool that enhances analysis and reporting proficiencies. It is all part of our dedication to integrate next generation tools into our service offerings to meet the growing demands of our customers.”

— Dan Tanel, CTO of Pinnaca

Dan Tanel

CTO, Pinnaca


“Our collaboration with Pinnaca is very exciting as it allows us to further enhance the value enterprises around the globe gain from video and unified communications. ​Vyopta empowers organizations to gain more insight into the quality of their video conferencing so they can improve user experience, grow adoption and optimize their investments in video technology. What’s more, the platform is ideal for enterprises that use Cisco, ​Microsoft, Pexip, ​Polycom, Vidyo, and/or ​Zoom for video collaboration.”

— Alfredo Ramirez, CEO of Vyopta


Alfredo Ramirez

CEO, Vyopta Inc.

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