Vyopta, Diversified partner to meet hybrid work demands

The quality and reliability of companies’ audio and video assets are more important than ever as the world moves into the future of hybrid work.

That emphasis is one of the chief motivations behind the recently announced partnership between Vyopta and Diversified, a technology managed services provider that reaches across all industries. As the second-largest audio and video integrator in the world, Diversified will bring Vyopta’s data and analytics capabilities to the premium tier of its PULSE service offering.

The partnership brings a new level of insights to Diversified’s customers, who will be able to get the most out of their unified communications and collaboration tools that are of growing importance to serve employees returning to offices or working remotely.

With the hybrid work model bringing constant change to the workplace, the flexibility that Vyopta allows for use of audio/video hardware and related collaboration tools is more valuable than ever.

“We both took advantage of the timing and how everyone going home for work has changed the landscape massively. Diversified was looking for a way to differentiate their offering in market since there’s a lot of companies trying to offer audio/video managed services… there are very few offering good support for remote workers,” Marc Haimsohn, Vyopta’s senior director of business development, said.

Diversifiedy saw that as an opportunity to leverage Vyopta’s ability to support remote workers, whether they be on Microsoft Teams, Webex, or Zoom. The market was just there for them to provide the managed services and partner with Vyopta for a complete solution.”

Hybrid work shift makes analytics crucial

With hybrid work clearly remaining the primary option for companies that are gradually returning to the office, Vyopta’s positioning with Diversified’s broad customer base will strengthen its credibility as a must-have service offering to maximize the results gained from UC and collaboration assets.

“Diversified’s core and heritage has been around supporting audio/video rooms, so if you think of an office with a lot of audio and video equipment for UC in the rooms they provide monitoring and management of those rooms as well as the deployments so they sell stuff to a customer and then they’ll manage the rooms for the customer as well. They’ve also been supporting collaboration environments for the audio and video as well, and that involves making sure the audio quality is good in there, making sure the acoustics are right.

Where Vyopta is really supportive for them is around with there being a hybrid work environment going forward it makes sense that they should also be supporting those employees in a home office environment like if they were in office.”

With specific sectors showing more interest in bringing their people back into the office – fintech, health care, government and enterprise among them – the use of technology is set to change drastically to keep up with changes in workplace behavior.

Vyopta CEO Alfredo Ramirez said the growth of multi-vendor environments for UC and collaboration and the greater use of video endpoints for in-office meetings are just two of the many scenarios where Vyopta will clearly demonstrate its value.

“It’s more important than ever to proactively manage environments with multiple vendors and devices, ensure security and governance, and avoid performance disruptions,” Ramirez said. “With a managed service provider like Diversified, enterprises can focus on their core business and rest assured their technology infrastructure is maintained.”

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Chad Swiatecki

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