Vyopta Gets a Serious Office Upgrade Near the Greenbelt!

For those of you who don’t know, we recently moved our headquarters and our “Hall of Justice” to the lower Vyopta_FoundersBarton Creek Greenbelt of Austin Texas. Our new office is about as close as you can get to the seventh best hiking trail in Texas, nestled in the greenery with a pristine view, and easy access to the trailhead. In addition to successfully getting everyone at Vyopta feeling rejuvenated, this office move was made with bigger items on the agenda.

The New Scenery

We’ve really started settling into our new home, and claimed our rightful place on the 7.25-mile (11.67 km) stretch of public land we call the “Greenbelt”. The office is teeming with natural light and wide open spaces.


 signage and windows in the main walkway


Lauren & Ivan on a video call


Jerry, Seema, Anjan and Haresh working while I pester them with pictures


Anthony & Jacob in the software development wing 

What’s moving to a new office without a celebration? Our Cinco De Mayo office party served as the perfect event for our very first office shenanigan to celebrate our new home on the Greenbelt.


Also, what’s a home without a kegerator? This bad boy is loaded up with Tecate Light and Brooklyn Lager.


We’re still hoping that one day we might get an actual beer out of it! 


There we go! Nice job Rick!

The new location came with plenty of changes, but we made sure to keep a few things from the old office…


The famous “Hall of Justice” conference room


We had to keep the super hero theme alive in the new office. Can’t forget about “Gotham City”, “Metropolis”, and “The Fortress of Solitude”. 

Vyopta X-Pansion

We are excited about the new office, yes, but we’re mostly eager to see what the future holds for our growing organization and the video collaboration industry. As enterprise video conferencing and collaboration becomes more pervasive, we see a huge opportunity to make video better with the most powerful cloud-based analytics products that large enterprises use to improve video and web collaboration.

On the Vyopta horizon, we see new opportunities for growth in the near future, including expanding our team by 50 percent or more to fill positions in software development, marketing, sales and customer success. If you’re interested in joining our team, be sure to check our careers section from time to time. Learn more about what we do with a quick demo of our video collaboration analytics.