Vyopta for
Google Meet:
Distance Learning

Ensure quality communications for educators striving to teach and engage students remotely.

Take distance learning to the next level. Vyopta supports online-based education programs at scale.

+   Track student attendance, engagement with meeting platform
+   Improve operational planning to meet peak class hours
+   Proactively track live class performance
+   Track synchronous teaching success and experience

+   Determine necessary future tech spend
+   Automate compliance reports for services, access established
+   Protection of State Accountability and Compliance records
+   Store data for prevention of false claims against institution

Trusted by leading education and distance learning institutions

Vyopta offers the only purpose-built
platform for UC monitoring and analytics
with coverage of Google Meet.

Get the Benefits

Vyopta brings proven
monitoring and analytics to
your Google Meet needs

+   Years of data retention and out-of-the-box visualizations
+   Ability to proactively identify & quickly troubleshoot issues
+   Single-pane-of-glass to optimize mixed UC environments
+   Intuitive, flexible, user-friendly workflow, dashboards for UC
+   User tagging for customized, business-relevant reports

Gain Operational Insight

Smarter Operational Planning

Track bridging, licensing capacity usage over time

Track Daily, Weekly Trends

Understand peak concurrent usage, and identify bottlenecks

Respond Quickly To Needs

Access daily reports to keep up with rapidly evolving UC usage

Gain Foresight

Establish necessary future purchases to sustain usage

Ensure Quality of Experience

Proactively Avert Disruptions

Get Service Desk and e-mail notifications using sophisticated, configurable alerting

Track Overall Quality

Experience Vyopta’s “Good”, “Fair”, “Bad” call grades and health dashboards

Participant Call Details

See network performance for audio, video, presentation across entire calls

Troubleshoot Recent Calls and Meetings

Find calls easily by sorting and filtering on key call attributes and desired timeframes

Improve Engagement

See How Users Engage

Identify how remote workers are joining calls (software clients, phone, peripherals, etc.)

Track Usage Across Program

View adoption metrics by campus, subject, grade level, course, instructor, etc.

Automate Reporting

Easily create, customize, share, 
and schedule reports for leadership, compliance

Optimize User Experience

Identify ways to improve usability and correct behavior

Vyopta for Google Meet
Supporting your educators and your students.
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“Google Meet is a trusted brand and platform for many educators and institutions. Vyopta is providing true visibility and optimization of these now required platforms.”

Kjierstin Layton, Vyopta’s Head of Public Sector and member of the U.S. Distance Learning Association’s Board of Directors

What You Get With Vyopta for Google Meet

+   Deploy Vyopta’s SaaS solution in minutes
+   Connect Vyopta to your Google Meet instance quickly
+   Leverage out-of-the-box dashboards and reports to get started
+   Simple, affordable user-based pricing
+   Best-in-class 24/7 global support
+   Self-serve knowledge base articles and how-to-videos

Vyopta for Google Meet includes the Professional versions of CPM Monitoring® with 7-days of data for troubleshooting and CPM Analytics® with 3-year data retention.

Get Started with Vyopta for Google Meet today

Get Started with Vyopta for Google Meet today