Endpoint Monitoring

Identify causes of video problems and troubleshoot with live endpoint data.

Instantly identify the source of call problems.

Proactively fixing video calls is all about quickly identifying and diagnosing the call problem. It can be infrastructure (bridge, gateway), endpoint (codec, registration status), AV (Camera, Microphone, Display), or Network (packet loss, jitter).

Our Real Time Monitoring solution combines data from all of these sources for call problems, then our dashboard highlights when any of these sources is experiencing abnormal performance. Any support person can now identify when a call is breaking down and within 2 clicks find out exactly why with data from the source of the problem.

Instantly identify the source of call problems.

Need help figuring out why a call is going bad? Download this free troubleshooting infographic!

Video conferencing calls can fail for a number of reasons, and usually nobody says anything until the call is over. Endpoint Monitoring helps support teams proactively solve video problems with a simple interface backed by the best data from multiple sources.

Intelligent alerts to proactively solve problems.

Intelligent alerts to proactively solve problems.

Why wait for users to complain about issues to start fixing them? vAnalytics gives you flexible alerts through email that indicate when a problem starts with links get more details. You can even access the data directly from our mobile phone through our responsive UI.

Prevent angry CEOs from coming into your office and help users avoid frustrating video conferencing experiences with alerts to proactively solve problems.

Endpoint Availability and Downtime

Vyopta tracks all your hardware endpoint statuses and produces metrics and reports over time to tell you which endpoints are down and how much. You can quickly identify problem endpoints by vendor, model, location, or department in seconds so you can prioritize support and resources.

Accurate quality data from multiple sources

Vyopta Integrates with these platforms:

Skype for business
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