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Team Up with Vyopta to drive Collaboration Sales NOW!

√ $100 for each customer demo – by Oct 31 2020

√ $200 for each qualified POC – by Oct 31 2020

√ $1,000 for each closed sale – by Dec 31 2020

*SIGN UP HERE: IVCi collab sellers only – recommend 3 collaboration customers with either 30 video hardware endpoints and/or 2,500 employees/students.

$100 for Demo, $200 for POC, $1000 for Sale. *Customer collaboration environment must be either 30 video hardware endpoints and/or 2,500 employees/students

What’s included in the demo?

You and your customer will receive a demo of Collaboration Performance Management™ (CPM) for unified communications technology (ie, video, voice, messaging and meeting rooms).

– CPM Analytics™ : Understand usage and adoption by analyzing trends in your multivendor UC and collaboration environment.

– CPM Monitoring™ : Get proactive about reducing downtime and outages with real-time monitoring and troubleshooting of live calls.

– Workspace Insights : Optimize meeting spaces, technology and overall spend with insights from the data.