Video Telemedicine Network Assessment

Get a free assessment and report of the quality and performance of your telehealth program.

Unified communications video network assessment by Vyopta


*Vyopta customers need not apply.

Benchmark Your VideoTelemedicine Network

We provide an assessment and benchmark report of your network’s call quality performance, asset utilization, and security vulnerabilities to determine how you stack up against other leading organizations.

Used By Leading Telemedicine Programs

Call Quality

Compare  quality to other enterprises and discover areas for improvement.

Operational Efficiency

Identify opportunities to reduce utilization expenses and increase capacity.

Employee Adoption Rates

Identify issues with how video, endpoints, and VMRs are being used.


Security Vulnerabilities

Identify potential and persisting security issues including SIP Toll Fraud. 

How It Works

Enter your information above and one of our UC Experts will schedule a time to discuss the details of your company’s network.

Our team will deploy a lightweight data collector onto your network, analyze your video environment, and prepare a comprehensive report.

In 30 days or less, your dedicated UC Expert will walk through your business’s final report, benchmarking you across several key factors and highlight opportunities for improvement.

What Will Be Included In Your Assessment

Quality & Connectivity

  • Bridge Participant Quality & Trends
  • Video Call Quality Metrics
  • Calls Not Connected & Reasons

Adoption & Utilization

  • Under-Utilized Video Endpoints
  • Under-Utilized VMRs
  • Video Endpoints Being Used for Audio Calls
  • Video/Audio Minute Comparison
  • Average Meeting Participation
  • Cisco WebEx Registered Host Usage
    (if applicable)

Capacity & Infrastructure

  • Infrastructure Capacity Analysis
  • “Overlong” Call Identification
  • Single User Bridge Usage