Custom Reporting

Make decisions tailored for your organization.

Many organizations require custom views of their data to support their business processes or unique video applications. vAnalytics supports diverse use cases with custom data segmentation so you can drill into geography, department, team, and more.

Create custom reports by leveraging your organizational data

In order to make key decisions, most large companies need reports that break down usage by departments, business units, and geographies. Vyopta integrates with video management software like Cisco TMS, where most companies store this relational data today. You can also upload custom hierarchies via spreadsheet or work with our Customer Success team on integrations with other types of software like HR databases, Exchange, or other LDAP interfaces. Our interface for custom data is flexible and updates on a nightly basis so that your data is always accurate and fresh.

Take targeted actions for adoption, compliance, and accounting.

Our customers have used our custom reports to support key business processes including:

  • Compliance reporting needs for Telehealth programs
  • Targeted adoption campaigns
  • Usage-based cost allocation to business units
  • Attendance tracking in training/educational settings

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