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First 100 hosts


(Min purchase = 100 hosts)

Hosts 101-500


Hosts 501-1,000


Hosts 1,001-2K


> 2K hosts

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* Annual subscription
  • On-demand KPIs and reports
  • Up to 3 years of data storage
  • Dial-in type tracking
  • Aggregation of multiple WebEx Sites
  • Power and inactive users
  • Automated reporting
  • Unlimited logins and scheduled reports
  • VoIP usage metrics
  • Custom usage reporting
  • Licensing utilization metrics
  • Call location details

Enterprise Support

Vyopta works with enterprises of all sizes to provide additional support for enhanced authentication and professional services.

  • SAML/SSO integration
  • Professional services for custom data integration

If you are interested in these services, contact sales so we can scope out the level of support to meet your organization’s needs.

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How does the 14-day Free trial work?
All you need is your Webex account info (site URL, read only administrator account name and password). The 14-day trial starts when your data is shows up in your vAnalytics portal. No credit card is needed.
How do I know how many hosts I have and which product/package to trial?
There is no limit on Hosts for the trial. To guide which package you should purchase, you can see your host count in the “Total Managed Hosts” KPI in the tool. The total hosts depends on how many Registered Webex Users are in your environment. All trials include all Enterprise functionality except SSO/SAML integration.
Can I cancel my trial at any time?
Yes, you can cancel your trial just contact [email protected]. Because we do not collect billing information, you will not get charged at any point in the 14 day trial
How do I move forward with a contract after the trial?
You would create a purchase order with our sales team, and all contracts are annual, paid up front. Should you not be able to execute a purchase order by the end of your 14 day trial but want to move forward, we will ensure there’s no data loss after the end of your trial and before your purchase order executes.
How many people can access vAnalytics for Webex?
You can enable an unlimited number of people to access vAnalytics for Webex, and you can send as many different reports to as many people as you want, whenever you want.
I have more questions, can I talk to someone?
Yes. Intercom (chat bubble at the bottom right of the screen) or email [email protected].