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In an industry where information is considered highly sensitive, the obstacles that healthcare UC engineers face is daunting – one small quality issue can greatly impact day-to-day operations that directly impact patients. Whether you’re part of a regional children’s clinic using collaboration technology for telehealth purposes, or a national healthcare organization that uses video collaboration for key meetings, Vyopta scales and supports any collaboration environment. In an effort to reduce an already stressful environment where critical information is being communicated, flawless communication is non-negotiable.

Improve Internal Team Collaboration

  • Drastically reduce down-time and improve collaboration system performance, allowing physicians and administrators to focus on improving the healthcare experience.
  • Use alerts and real-time, live performance metrics to be proactive and resolve call quality before they make an impact.
  • Increase user adoption and spur better teamwork across your healthcare organization.

Ensure High-Quality Telehealth Services

  • Get visibility into the performance of all telehealth encounters to ensure you are providing the highest quality experience for patients.
  • Monitor hundreds of endpoints located within hospitals, clinics and off-site locations from a single, integrated dashboard.
  • Troubleshoot at scale without sacrificing time spent treating patients or collaborating with doctors, nurses and other important administrators.

Automate Compliance, Revenue and Other Reporting Requirements

  • Create accurate operational and compliance reports required for funding or regulatory requirements in a fraction of the time you spend today.
  • Create custom reports that meet your unique billing, compliance, and reporting requirements.

UVA Center for Telehealth

  • Vyopta provides the deep level of analytics that are critical to providing life-saving telehealth services to UVA’s patients.
  • Real-time access to quality metrics allow the UC team to stay on top of the health of the collaboration environment
  • Proactive alerts allow them to identify and solve issues before they interrupt an emergency clinical session

“We’re able to now collect data real time so a doctor can say, ‘Hey I’m having some issues here,’ and we can look at that call and say, ‘Actually, the issue is on your end, not the hospital end, so let’s work together and figure out what we can do to improve your network experience.’”

Geoff Bricker, Director of IT at Specialists on Call

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