Managed Service Providers

Better serve your collaboration customers, improve the efficiency of your operations, and differentiate versus competitors
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MSPs are using Vyopta’s state of the art collaboration monitoring and analytics to provide proactive IT support, reduce time to resolve issues, and improve their ability to meet customers SLAs.

Ensure Uptime, Quality and Reliability

  • Monitor and improve reliability of CaaS and UCaaS and improve customer SLAs.
  • Stay proactive with real-time alerts and integration with Service Desk.
  • Complement other monitoring capabilities like NPM, APM, and Infrastructure Monitoring.

Optimize MSP service with Analytics

  • Gain visibility into your client’s overall usage and track KPIs by geography, department, etc.
  • Optimize and improve capacity and license planning.
  • Create automated reporting to improve your service and share with customers.

Ramp and Deploy New Customers Quickly

  • SaaS service easy to deploy quickly to existing and new customers.
  • Scalability of Vyopta platform allows you to use Vyopta with all of your customers.
  • Differentiate your offering versus competitors to grow and retain your customer base.

“With Vyopta, we can live-monitor large meetings to get real-time packet loss and latency stats which is a huge help as we manage and consult for multiple clients. I would recommend Vyopta to other MSPs or anyone managing a large collaboration network because of the useful information readily available in the dashboard.”