A View Inside Vyopta’s Workspace Insights

Room Insights is designed to empower enterprises to make data-driven decisions on their meeting rooms and huddle spaces. Giving organizations the opportunity to uncover how meeting rooms are being used around-the-clock, outside of ordinary calls, Room Insights was built to help improve the return on meeting room space. While Vyopta’s Room Insights has been around since late 2018, we haven’t stopped investing in new functionalities and exciting updates to ensure that our products continue to exceed expectations.

With an average of 11 million meetings taking place each day, and real-estate being one of the three most expensive things on a corporate expense sheet, having an efficient and optimized conference space plan is critical. Room Insights has been met with great reception and has motivated us to continue the transformation of meeting spaces. Since our initial launch we’ve launched several new functionalities that include:

Understanding utilization better with scheduled vs. non-schedule activity

Ever wonder if rooms are being used for non-scheduled “ad-hoc: collaboration versus scheduled or how the types of collaboration differ in those times? You can now see the entirety of room utilization split by whether or not the activity took place during a scheduled meeting. This gives you a better understanding of why there is no one in the room that you were vying for that big presentation you were due to lead.

Increasing data collection with people presence detection

Cisco’s Room series endpoints allow us to account for how many people are in the room, which is extremely helpful. But, we took it a step further and now you can collect people presence data on all supported Cisco models with CE 9.1+ firmware. This allows you to determine “attended” meetings by whether or not people were in the room and Room Activity Minutes will include People Only activity for this expanded set of endpoints.

Cloud registered endpoint and Webex board support

As the “face” of the service to end-users, Vyopta offers full support for cloud registered endpoint devices as well as Webex board support. This allows users to feel empowered that no many what endpoint they are collaborating with, Vyopta supports it.

Analyzing and sharing the new “Rooms Boards” view

What good is all this data if you aren’t really sure what you are looking at, anyway? We’ve compiled the best panels and KPIs for everyone to see as an easy default option in the new Rooms Boards view, which makes way for easier analyzing, and less confusion.

When we introduced Workspace Insights we wanted to set the standard that whether your organization had 10 conference spaces or 10 thousand huddle rooms, making data-driven decisions that would help reduce real estate costs and improve room technology ROI was not impossible to achieve. With our launch and the newest features, we aren’t done helping organizations manage and optimize their meeting room spaces. In fact, if you joined us at our Current State of the Enterprise Conference Rooms and Workplace Transformation webinar, you know, we’ve got our work cut out for us.

Learn more about Workspace Insights and how you can use it to reduce real estate costs, improve room technology ROI and make data-driven decisions.