Built In Austin’s Best Places to Work

By Alfredo Ramirez, CEO, Co-Founder, Vyopta

Vyopta’s mission has always been to empower enterprises to optimize collaboration that drives better business outcomes. Communication supporting collaboration among virtual team members and engagement with customers/partners is experiencing a renaissance as business leaders rediscover the value of meaningful live engagement and information sharing with internal and external parties. This opportunity drives Vyopta to deliver a solution that supports the growing demand. Those products though, aren’t built by themselves. The products we stand behind are built by teams that have great fervor, knowledge and determination to succeed and to deliver the best products to our customers. So, when we are awarded prestige such as a placing on Built In Austin’s Best Places to Work in Austin, we know — it’s not us, it’s the people that work here.

To be considered for a place on Built In’s Best Places to Work list, companies are measured by a specific algorithm pertaining to compensation and employer benefits offered. Built in looks at the median percentile for salaries entered for a company and the median salaries for the same positions at other companies and weighs them accordingly. Benefits are viewed with an eye to what’s more important to Built In readers and then are assigned points, categorized, and weighted accordingly. The categories for determining best benefits are:

  • Health & Wellness
  • Financial Planning & Stability
  • Flexible Work Environment
  • Professional & Social Impact
  • Perks & Discounts

We want to get people excited to work here and we are humbled that we’ve earned a place on Built In’s list, highlighting our benefits that we’ve worked to be able to provide. Sure, flexible PTO is one of the best perks we have, but our employees work hard, so it’s fitting that they get the time off they deserve without feeling the heat of “taking too much time off.” Our employees give alot – and they deserve a break. But, perhaps we feel most proud of the benefits we offer outside of vacation and healthcare, benefits like, lunch break power walks with various members of the executive team to break away from the everyday, monthly breakfasts with the entire team, a snack room that isn’t just a bucket of pretzels – it’s filled with a plethora of gluten-free goodies to health conscious brown-rice bars to satisfying the sweetest tooth with chocolate chip cookies, or what about getting time off to volunteer? It’s our pleasure and determination to continue to bring these added benefits to the people that make our company a great place to come to everyday.

Like any company can attest, attracting and hiring the best talent can be challenging. It is no different here at Vyopta. The Austin job market is incredibly competitive and good talent can be hard to find and keep, so we try hard to offer the competitive pay and benefits to our employees. Being acknowledged on a list that ranks for offering the best pay and benefits to employees is encouraging that we are on the right track to making sure that our employees not only feel that they are getting compensated fairly and deservedly so, but that they walk away everyday feeling valued and ready for more the next day. Thank you to our employees for giving us the opportunity to place on Built in Austin’s Best Places to Work.