Collaboration Week NYC 2019

In a typical UC engineer/IT professional user conference, attendees would be able to experience what’s up and coming with an organization’s product line, get inspired about what’s to come and gain an opportunity for organizations to engage with potential end-users. For those that are current users of a UC or collaboration solutions, these are premier opportunities for some great professional development, networking and learning. But, what if you don’t know exactly what you need? What if you haven’t had the opportunity to explore the other options readily available to help ease the burden of a troubling issue? Thanks to IMCCA, Collaboration Week NY is a rising platform for UC engineers and IT professionals alike.

There aren’t many opportunities dedicated to that experience of immersing within a subject, networking with other like-minded professionals, and learning from industry thought leaders. So, when we heard of Collaboration Week NY, an event specifically dedicated to the UCC space, we were certain that we had to be a part of this inaugural event.

What is Collaboration Week NY and what are the dates?

Collaboration Week NY is a three day event exclusively for UC and Collaboration industry colleagues and peers being held February 25 – 27, 2019 in New York City, NY. Exclusive tours, presentations for industry thought leaders, expert-led panel discussions and social events will fill the three days and users will walk away with enlightened perspective and hot discussion topics. Attendees will get a unique opportunity to visit manufacturer, service providers and other end-user offices and venues within New York City with other UC/IT professionals. Some of the venues are at offices you’d die to get a glimpse of like Microsoft’s Times Square office, Google’s super chic Chelsea office or Cisco’s 1 Penn Plaza headquarters.

Collaboration Week NY is the first of its’ kind, dedicated solely to UC and IT professionals, but also the first to offer this opportunity for free. Yes, that’s right – tickets to the sessions are free.

Who is IMCCA?

The Interactive Multimedia & Collaborative Communications Alliance (IMCCA) is a non-profit user application and industry focused association. Members include service and product providers, consultants, and end-users. As part of IMCCA members gain a unique perspective and use of various interactive and collaborative communications technologies.

What are the sessions about?

While the event is only three days, it doesn’t lack in informational programming. From panel discussions to thought-provoking experiences, the IMCCA has leveraged the awesome spaces the events are being held and paired them with equally amazing programming. Topics include:

  • Collaboration in an IoT World
  • Robust, Enterprise Grade Collaboration Ecosystems
  • Large, Regulated Enterprise Collaboration
  • Collaboration in the Cloud
  • Team Chat / Teams Platforms
  • Interactive Displays and Ideation

What else can attendees expect?

With the type of programming and events scheduled, Collaboration Week NY is shaping up to be one of the most promising industry specific events we’ve seen in a while . Attendees can expect the unveiling of new and exciting solutions in the UCC space, but also discuss trends that are helping shape the UCC industry as we know it. However, one of the more exciting non-programming aspects is the Collaboration Week NY opening Gala, complete with an awards ceremony dedicated to technology vets, Snorre Kjesbu (Cisco’s collaboration hardware frontman) and Jason McGraw (the leader behind InfoComm) for their expertise and dedication to all things collaboration.

As an event sponsor, we are thrilled that IMCCA has taken the initiative to put together an event that provides an open arena for thought-provoking discussion, but a place for UC engineers, IT professionals, integrators, consultants and manufacturers to gather and gain perspective on relevant UC related items. If you’re joining Collab Week NY, we’d love to meet you! Stop by the Vyopta sponsored breakfast on Tuesday, February 26.

Not joining Collaboration Week NY? Learn about the current state of enterprise conference rooms and workplace transformations from experts at AstraZeneca, Dechert LLP and Cisco.