A New Hope for Collaboration Management Software

For many years, enterprise software = terrible user experience.
Enterprise software had to be built to survive the bureaucratic buying process of most large organizations. As a result, the software turned into a Frankenstein of features that met the needs of the buying process but ended up being too complex for the average end user.Multiple clicks to get the information you need, needless data entry, and the need for training just to get started is the hallmark of bad enterprise software. You would use the software because you had to… not because you wanted to.

In recent years, the quality of enterprise software has been on the rise. Often it took a startup or new entrant to redefine the user experience for a category of enterprise software. While established players chased new features to add to their already bloated product, the new competitors focused on creating products that customers would be excited to use every day.

At Vyopta we are a part of the rebellion against bad enterprise software. In particular, we are bringing the revolution to the video collaboration industry and the IT teams that support video conferencing. As with any successful rebellion, they all start with a powerful idea and a first victory.


Our new Analytics for WebEx product is our first victory in the campaign to give the video IT teams great software.  The user experience is intuitive and requires no training for anyone who manages a WebEx deployment.

Soon we will be bringing an improved user experience to all of our software, including our flagship vAnalytics product. We have already started with our new Real-Time Video Monitoring and Alerts, and we will bring the fight to historical analytics software soon.

So even if your organization does not use WebEx, we encourage you to watch this short video to get a preview of things to come in the enterprise video collaboration world.

May the Force be with you.