Room Insights is now Workspace Insights

73% of companies have practically no data on how their conference rooms and meeting spaces are used.  Most organizations find themselves basing expensive decisions around AV/UC technology investments and real estate on guesswork.  Last year, Vyopta released Room Insights to address this issue. The release gave organizations the ability to understand room usage and booking behavior around the clock, in and out of calls, in order to reduce costly inefficiencies and more effectively plan build-outs.

Since launching Room Insights we’ve seen tremendous traction and excitement. We have also noticed that the ability to understand occupancy, activity, and scheduling is really applicable to any collaboration space, from conference rooms to huddle spaces. So, we’ve made some serious improvements to our product and created a better experience for all of our users. The biggest change?  We’ve renamed the product to Workspace Insights! We’re excited to share some of the changes we’ve made in this blog, and can’t wait to give you a sneak peek of some amazing things that we are working on for the future!

Here are the changes to know about, especially if you’ve used or seen our Room Insights product:

  1. Vyopta’s Room Insights has been renamed Workspace Insights.
    I think this change speaks for itself!


  2. You now have direct access to all workspace & rooms-related data via a dedicated Workspace Insights experience, as opposed to how Room Insights information was available within the CPM Analytics™ module.  On the top right of the UI, you will now see that Workspace Insights can be accessed as its own module and appears as a selection in the drop-down.  

The experience is cleaner, faster, and a more streamlined flow for users looking solely for this information.  This is also a great option for sharing direct access to the interface with your real estate and workplace teams, as they won’t see any of the technical UC analytics that are irrelevant to them.

      3. When configuring panels in your dashboards, you’ll also only see selections that are relevant for
rooms and workspaces.

      4. Hovering over a metric in the Dataset view reveals a tool-tip metric definition.

For users who prefer to still see all of the room analytics along with the UC analytics, the “Rooms Boards” and “Rooms Data” views are still accessible within CPM Analytics™ under the Dashboards and Datasets left-rail sub-modules as “Workspace Boards” and “Workspace Data”.

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And if you’d like to hear from industry experts on ways you can optimize your workspace investments, join us for a webinar hosted by Vyopta and Frost & Sullivan titled: Are You Getting The Most Out of Your Meeting Spaces?