UC budgets rising overall

As technology for communication and collaboration continues to evolve, organizations find themselves raising their UC budgets. This includes investing in more UC infrastructure, endpoints, and staff to monitor, maintain, and utilize this technology.

Research on UC budgeting

Nemertes Research, an advisory firm specialized in analyzing and quantifying emerging technologies’ business values, reported UC budgets will continue to grow by an average of 12.3% in 2018. This increase of budget allocation is being driven by the determination to stay relevant in the advancing digital world.

In fact, based on a survey of over 700 key IT decision-makers conducted by Nemertes Research, it was found that organizations successfully implementing digital transformation strategies are spending 72% more than ever before on UC and collaboration. This increase in IT spending is based on the aspiration to update their aging infrastructure to carry on enabling digital transformation initiatives.

“If you’ve got people from all over the globe trying to get into a video conference to make key decisions and the network can’t support it — that does not bode well for IT.” ~Robin Gareiss, President of Nemertes

Why UC is booming

Today, UC helps your organization simplify managing and operating multiple types of collaboration, consisting of:

  • Video
  • Voice
  • Messaging
  • Room

It is the adoption of these sources and interconnecting them that helps revamp organizations’ functionality, including support for different working styles (i.e. telework, remote work), faster collaboration, improvement in efficiency, increase in revenue, and higher quality customer service.

With these kinds of benefits, It’s no wonder your organization wants and needs the resources to keep up with today’s technology!

How to stay relevant and maintain quality collaboration

By keeping up with the times, your organization is not only needing to invest in the UC infrastructure, endpoints, and staff, but also the analytics. Vyopta provides vAnalytics to help solve this problem.

With vAnalytics, you can monitor and analyze your entire UC environment with one system. Not only does it help you solve IT issues quickly and make data-driven business decisions, it also encourages employee adoption, improve performance, and guarantee you getting the most from your UC investments.