Our clients represent a diverse mix of industries and use an even more diverse mix of vendors for their UC&C stack: Cisco, Pexip, Avaya, BlueJeans, Zoom, Microsoft—the list goes on and on. And with that growing list of names comes a growing list of everyday headaches. We’ve been working with our clients and partners for years to help solve issues both big and small, from unused endpoints to new product rollouts.

Helping people is our core passion, and with this helpful spirit in mind, we wanted to share some common issues we’ve come across—as well as their solutions. Here’s to making your ticket queue just a little shorter every day…

3 case studies to help you win UC&C


  1. Case study | Abbvie optimizes global Cisco collaboration environment

You will find this useful if you face the following challenges:

  • You’re looking to roll out new tools quickly
  • You have a Cisco environment
  • You’re trying to find ways to use video to quickly reduce travel and increase productivity
  • You have a large global community with lot of endpoints
  • You’re dealing with an out-of-date legacy network that’s having issues with new tech
  • You have aggressive internal goals to increase adoption rapidly
  1. Case study | Western Union grows usage 10x using a small team to deploy Office 365 and Pexip

You will find this useful if you face the following challenges:

  • Your legacy on-premise hardware infrastructure and endpoints are not compatible with Skype for Business
  • Your existing network and bandwidth can’t handle much video
  • Your current support team is small and services require “white glove” treatment
  1. Case study | Cimpress (formerly Vistaprint) saves $160k on video conferencing bridges

You will find this useful if you face the following challenges:

  • You’re experiencing massive growth and an increase in video bridge demand across multiple geographic locations
  • You’ve seen an increase in video traversal call capacity usage outside of your organization’s firewall
  • You don’t have clear insight into your utilization metrics or the ability to do trend reporting
  • You’re locked into a single solution and you need more insight into how it’s working

Bonus—hot off the proverbial presses!

With Skype for Business usage on the rise, we conducted a survey to see how other IT professionals are using it, what issues they’re having, and what solutions can help them jump these hurdles.

White paper | Driving voice and video usage with Skype for Business

You will find this useful if you face the following challenges:

  • You’re going to deploy or have deployed Skype for Business in your organization
  • You’re seeing low adoption rates
  • You’re not able to get clear analytics regarding usage and issue
  • You’re not getting real-time alerts about issues/problems


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