Case Study: Cimpress saves $160,000 on video conferencing bridges

About Cimpress

Cimpress, formerly Vistaprint, is the world leader in the mass personalization and customization industry. Last year, they served nearly 17 million customers, took more than 30 million orders and produced 46 million uniquely designed, customized items. They are able to keep up these numbers by employing 5,500+ manufacturing and technology professionals across 19 countries and encouraging them to communicate heavily via video conferencing.


Video Conferencing Challenges

  • Explosive company growth across multiple geographic locations led to an increase in video bridge demand
  • Acquisition of several companies led to an increase in video traversal call capacity usage outside of the corporation’s firewall
  • Unexpected purchasing of video conferencing licenses and capacity due to inability to see utilization metrics and trends
  • Video conferencing vendor analytics did not provide appropriate data and locked Cimpress into a single solution


“vAnalytics with the real time video monitoring made it much easier to manage our video network, grow video collaboration, and helped us find $160,000 in savings within weeks of using the product.”

Liam McDonough

Senior Collaboration System Administrator, Cimpress

Results After Partnering with Vyopta

Cimpress’ two-person IT team uses vAnalytics to monitor their entire video conferencing network across 23 geographical locations.They have since been able to open up their network to new video technology vendors, and tailor video functionality to their company’s specific needs. Each month, their IT team is able to support 20,000+ video calls and maintains quality performance for 1M+ video minutes. They’re also able to produce customized, quarterly reports that used to take five hours, but now take minutes.

By leveraging meaningful historical data, Cimpress’ IT team can better plan for capacity and traversal calls spikes (e.g., opening new offices, in climate weather, etc.). In just a few, short weeks after implementing vAnalytics, they identified enough underutilized technology resources to reverse their plan to purchase $160,000 worth of new video conferencing bridges.


Watch and Learn from Cimpress

WEBINAR: Cimpress webinar slides with play button Vyopta recently partnered up with Cimpress’ Cimpress’s Senior Collaboration Engineer and Corporate Voice lead to produce a 30-minute webinar. This 2-man team shares real-life scenarios and tips to help you better manage your multi-vendor environment, avoid common mistakes, and support over 7,000 employees without pulling out your hair.