Global Mining Company Grows Video Usage by 35x with Microsoft Teams and Vyopta

“Vyopta gave us the visibility to see where we had unused equipment such as endpoints that could be eliminated or redeployed to decrease expenditures or increase productivity. It gave us the power to make decisions based on data which has made all the difference.”

Enterprise UC Manager

An international mining corporation, with locations across five continents and a staff of over 90,000, found itself operating as an essential service during the COVID-19 pandemic. The resulting 35 fold increase in video conferencing over multi-vendor UC systems required immediate and accurate monitoring and reporting to ensure maximum productivity and minimal interruption to critical employees in the field.


The Challenge

  • An international mining corporation with 90,000 employees across five continents
  • Connect people in an office environment as well as those in the field and create collaboration without extensive, expensive, and often dangerous travel
  • Monitor and manage an increase in video conferencing from 2 million minutes per month to a staggering 70 million minutes per month
  • Rapidly implement a planned migration to Microsoft Teams to enable one-touch call join for endpoint systems

Turning to Vyopta

The company was already using Vyopta’s Collaboration Performance Management (CPM) suite, and benefited from the added visibility into Microsoft Teams as they migrated to the new platform. With Vyopta, they are able to get in-depth reporting for Microsoft Teams across all meetings and calls including audio and video data, rather than the audio-only information they had access to before.

The Summary

With Vyopta, the company gained the ability to understand activity-based cost for their mining vs corporate business lines, intelligently redeploy unused in-office endpoints to remote knowledge workers and mining sites, and identify issues with home office setup contributing to degraded user experiences on meetings.

Vyopta enabled their existing team to manage the experience without increasing the number of staff. Perhaps the most important impact for them was making it through two consecutive quarters without any fatalities in this potentially dangerous field due to the increase in video conferencing.


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