Video Revolutionizes Patient Engagement In Health Care

As patients of the US health care system, we have all become accustomed to the inefficiencies of how we receive care. Let’s examine the general workflow for a non-emergent patient encounter from a patient’s perspective – yours and my experience.

waiting time for medical care

Wow! For a 15 minute visit, you and I invested approximately 185 minutes — or over 3 hours of our day — on unproductive activities. I don’t know about you, but I value my time. How else can I get health care more efficiently?

Let’s look at one solution that has been implemented in limited capacity in the United States ranging from the US Veterans Affairs and US Department of Defense to many health care service providers.

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The solution is “Advanced Video Telehealth.”

Video technology has advanced significantly, and it provides high-quality reliable and secure communication. However, video technology alone is insufficient to support mass adoption since it has a few barriers to overcome such as:

Simplify and improve the user interface for finding and accessing care;

  • More easily and cost-effectively integrate video into business and clinical workflows; and
  • Provide standard analytics to improve service levels, revenue capture and patient experience and outcomes.


Thus, video customer engagement software solutions that video-enable websites and mobile apps are needed to overcome the barriers presented above, which will accelerate adoption in using video to deliver quality health care to you and me.

Imagine investing a total of 30 minutes to visit with a doctor over video versus 200 minutes to visit with a doctor in person.

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Well, it is possible today!

Alfredo Ramirez is a seasoned entrepreneur with direct experience in building early-stage software technology companies, which is why he proudly serves Vyopta as CEO and Co-Founder. A nod to his passion for pushing the button of innovation, Alfredo previously co-founded Vitalz (a venture backed enterprise software company acquired by Oracle) and Daman Consulting. He holds a B.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from The University of Texas at Austin and writes about topics such as technology, employee engagement, and innovation from the CEO perspective.