Times of Trouble – Collaboration to the Rescue

From the spreading of Australia wildfires to the epidemic with no cure called Coronavirus, 2020 has seen its share of scares. During these times of crisis, communication technologies have been the pivotal common denominator in keeping everyone on the same page.

How Are Collaboration Tools Helping?

Consider this: What would you use to stay in contact with those being directly affected by the events? Collaboration tools  – think of phones, video conferencing, and messaging. 

Now imagine these tools aren’t reliable. You have dropped calls, poor quality calls, and no easy-to-find record that the calls happened at all. This is where the merging of UCC and data Analytics occurs. 

In fact, putting crises aside, we live in a world where the number of remote workers is growing exponentially making communication a top need that management has for its employees. This is where collaboration tools become more vital to driving a business’s success.

How Is Video Conferencing + Analytics Being Used Together Today?

UCC, more specifically video conferencing, is applicable to everyone regardless of title or industry.  Below are three common industries that complement analytics with their collaboration systems to secure their communication reliability

Healthcare / Telehealth

Analytics helps telehealth organizations deliver quality collaboration experiences, just like anywhere else. However, there are times when these calls may be the difference between life and death.

An example is the University of Virginia Health having the need to bridge the communication between patients and their doctors, healthcare providers, etc. Without the assurance that the video quality is top notch, doctors and other health experts cannot provide proper diagnoses to patients via telehealth services, let alone give patients remote access to healthcare experts. 

On another note, analytics also helps administrators manage adherence to compliance and more. 


While collaboration tools create the bridge between students and their educators when meeting face-to-face is not an option, it is the analytics piece that helps track who, when and how each video and/or audio call is made

Did you know that some schools get extra funding depending on student attendance? How are the schools going to prove to the funding agencies that their students are attending their online classes? More importantly, how are schools with giant class sizes going to know if their students are attending classes remotely in the first place? This is where analytics come in to play.

Financial Services

Finally, the deliverance of quality collaboration user experiences comes first. This includes clients getting access to key financial service experts from anywhere in the world to receive quick answers about the products they are using as well as their accounts.

Then, just like in the telehealth circumstance, the business units for financial teams need to manage adherence to compliance. 

UCC Is a Need, Not a Want

While UCC is an everyday need businesses and organizations rely upon, the reality is that UCC services thrive in times of crisis. Just look at how Zoom has increased its market share by 15% since the Coronavirus broke out.

While it can seem a little negative that collaboration technologies thrive in times of crises, it is comforting to know that UCC empowers others with the ability to provide assistance where it is needed most.

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Dominique Ramirez is passionate about the intersection of innovation, communication and technology. She writes about unified communications, leadership, customer success, and other technology trends.