Case Study: Brisbane Catholic Education gets results in one month.

About Brisbane

Brisbane Catholic Education Office (BCEO) is a learning network comprised of over 130 schools with over 70,000 students. Their mission is to provide quality teaching and learning outcomes across a wide geographical range in eastern Australia. This means they must deliver a quality experience and content sharing to their educational community through video conferencing and collaboration technologies.


Improvement in total virtual meetings held.


Reduction in time spent reporting.

Cisco WebEx LogoThey used Cisco’s WebEx Collaboration Meeting Rooms (CMR) to bring their classroom participants together, and make it easier for teachers and administrators to collaborate despite location.

BCEO measures their success by focusing on the quality of their student’s experience and their virtual classroom attendance rates.

Brisbane’s Video Conferencing Challenge

BCEO communicated an overwhelming need to encourage their users to fully adopt their WebEx video collaboration technology. They also wanted to address their most common complaint, making it easier to join a virtual meeting or classroom.

In order to measure their efforts, BCEO knew they needed to track who, when and how each, individual user joined a call. In short, they wanted to demonstrate the value of their investment by improving user experience, even joining the call since this disrupted classroom start times and discouraged overall use of their video conferencing technology.

Results After Partnering with Vyopta

BCEO came to Vyopta in order to track and improve call performance, and user participation. They were struggling to extract and manipulate reports, and the results were challenging for administrators to analyze. They needed a tool that was intuitive yet powerful enough to generate meaningful reporting.

Since using vAnalytics for WebEx, BCEO has gained the insights and metrics they needed to proactively address quality issues before they made a noticeable impact. They are now easily tracking their user adoption rate overall, and drilling into specific details so they can strategically address them. They provided several examples including; addressing an infrastructure issues, reallocating endpoints, or identifying and reaching out to a set of users with low activity.

After 1 month, the support team at BCEO reported a 75% increase as compared to the baseline established when they launched Vyopta. The team was excited to share that they were able to produce a compelling report in less than two hours since it used to require multiple spreadsheet sessions over the course of weeks.


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