I pulled together four of my favorite secrets from organizations that are optimizing their video networks and making a company-wide impact with collaboration.

From IT / infrastructure to collaboration professionals, these guys are taking it to the next level with video and web conferencing, so I thought it might be appropriate to unveil their secrets to the world.

Secret # 1 – Mass Customization

Cimpress is a global leader in mass customization and web-to-print. The swag powerhouse generated $1.3 billion (USD) in revenue last year, holds operations in 17 countries and serves more than 16 million customers a year.

The company’s dominion over the mass customization market is no secret, but they do hold a secret that is the key ingredient to their collaboration success.

Here’s the situation at Cimpress: Two IT team members monitor the performance of the entire Cimpress global video network, which supports over 20 thousand calls and almost a million video minutes each month across 23 locations. Explosive growth in video bridge usage as video meeting rooms rolled out to all employees created a need to optimize and manage their video network quality more quickly and efficiently.

cimpress-team (1)

How did they handle it?

  • Used historical data to optimize network capacity planning
  • Used real time monitoring – allowing the IT team to avert outages during unusual spikes in traversal call usage
  • Generated quarterly network performance report for senior management in 5 minutes as opposed to 5 hours

Secret # 2 – Teleheath Video Blitz

Specialists on Call is a leader in telehealth services providing innovative, cost-effective answers for hospitals nationwide seeking immediate 24/7/365 access to experienced, board certified specialists.

The situation at Specialists on Call (SOC): Delivering high-quality service required constant monitoring of telehealth carts at over 300 hospitals all with unique IT environments. One Director of IT, one UC Engineer, and Support team are overseeing 500+ endpoints at customer sites (e.g., hospitals, clinics) across the United States.

vyopta_real-time-screenshot-1How did they handle it?

Specialists on Call took an already high level of service to another level through more proactive video network management with data and insights.

  • Used real-time monitoring and alerts for more effective endpoint management prior to client use which resulted in higher availability of endpoints and improved quality of service
  • Used alerts for faster time to identify and resolve issues

Secret # 3 – Web Conferencing for Non-Profits

World Vision International is a global charity organization, working within communities and helping groups improve the well-being of children and overcome poverty. They have more than 40,000 employees located in nearly 100 countries.

The situation at World Vision is simple – they need a user-friendly video meeting solution to reach employees, volunteers, and community members anywhere in the world.

How did they handle it?

Web conferencing was the best collaboration solution for two reasons: quick and intuitive integration into global operations and easy deployment.

  • The entire organization now has access to web and video conferencing in remote global areas with no technology infrastructure
  • Used WebEx™ to share screens, files, schedule video meetings and multiple video streams for effective team communication across the world
  • Streamlined communications to improve collaboration for time-sensitive projects

Secret # 4 – Efficient Remote Sales Team

CEV Multimedia specializes in producing educational resources for students at high schools and colleges across the United States. With a library of more than 1800 titles, CEV is the largest producer of career and technical multimedia for students in the country.

The challenges facing CEV’s remote sales teams include: difficulty scheduling product demonstration meetings with teachers in person and insufficient end-user communication with sales team members spread throughout the country.

How did they handle it?

  • They quickly integrated a web conferencing solution for file sharing and customer engagement from anywhere in the country.
  • Enabled CEV to grow new opportunities and allocate more budget to sales resources.

Data and Insights for Collaboration Tools

These are just a few of my favorite examples of organizations solving problems with collaboration solutions and kicking butt within their respective industries.

One thing I would like to add about the last two companies using WebEx™ as a web conferencing solution. This tool is a prefered web conferencing platform for good reason, but it’s only as effective as the IT personnell who manage it.

Large WebEx deployments take a lot of work, but with the insights and data – you can optimize costs, drive usage and adoption of WebEx for even better results throughout your organization

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