Technology: Your Direct Line To The North Pole

Who wants to go to the mall to see Santa?! EVERYONE. The shopping mall Santas of the world are notoriously good at what they do. But, the days of packing up the kids and seeing Santa at the mall while knocking a few names off of your Christmas shopping list are over. There are a few more creative ways to interact with Santa, skip the lines, and avoid a real life version of the mall scene from “A Christmas Story” altogether. Thank you technology.

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Reason #1 for seeing Santa at the mall: the kids MIGHT love it! But, there’s also a small chance that your little ones might become overwhelmed with emotional terror at sight of the bearded man and his jolly elves. Seeing him on cartoons and in story books is one thing, but some kids lose it in the actual presence of the jolly fat man. (Check out some of the best/scariest photos with Santa ever here). It’s hard to tell with kids, which is why parents are turning to these other interactive video conferencing mediums to connect with Santa.

1.) How About Telepresence?

Cisco has an awesome program called Cisco Santa Connection, that brings Santa to over 50 children’s hospitals across the country via video. Santa calls in via video and children are able to get a one on one experience that beats the heck out of mailing a letter.

2.) Video Chat With Santa From Home

For a price, your kids can take a little bit of Santa’s time in the form a personal consultation. Connect with Santa through any one of your devices iphone, tablet, desktop or laptop.

3.) Check In On Santa’s Reindeer

At this website, you can view a live video stream of Santa’s reindeer anytime you like. Comes in handy when you’re getting bombarded with reindeer questions over the holidays. “What do reindeer do all day?” You can also look forward to visits from Santa Claus himself from time to time. Check out the website for an accurate schedule of Santa appearances, so you’ll know when to tune in.


This isn’t a live video conference nor does it replace face to face interaction by any means. But, for our kid’s generation – it’s the next best thing. Follow Santa on Twitter and look forward to some his wacky updates.

However, you decide to interact with Santa – comment, like, retweet, share – we hope you have a Happy Holiday! Leave a comment and tell us about any other technology-infused Santas that we missed!