Video Collaboration Usage in the Enterprise

At Vyopta we admire the analysts, experts, and companies that provide insights on what is happening in the video collaboration industry. Ira Weinstein at Wainhouse Research, Irwin Lazar at Nemertes Research, and David Danto at Dimension Data are some of the people we follow actively here at Vyopta.

We also enjoy reading research that players in the collaboration space share with the community. Most recently BlueJeans shared some compelling insights from their experiences.

We felt it was our turn to contribute back to the community, because at Vyopta we have a unique vantage point on video collaboration in the enterprise.

We monitor over 300 million video minutes per year for organizations with a combined employment of over 2.7 million spread across a wide range of industries.

With this perspective we felt there was an opportunity to identify and share some of the major trends in enterprise video collaboration usage. Most importantly, we can provide metrics that can complement the existing research which is mostly based on surveys and interviews.

The result of our work is the 2015 Enterprise Video Collaboration Usage Report: Metrics From the Front Lines. Some of our findings provide metrics to support conventional wisdom (e.g., video collaboration doubled over the last two years) while other findings are more novel since they are virtually impossible to determine without access to hard data (e.g., video usage in the enterprise appears to follow a power law).

As excited as we are to share our research, we look forward to contributing more to the community in the future. In upcoming blog posts we will dive into greater detail on some of our findings. In addition, in the coming months we plan to work with our customers and one of the leading research groups in our industry (see our press release) to identify deeper insights into how video collaboration is impacting the enterprise.

In the meantime, we hope you enjoy our new eBook.

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