Vyopta provides options for Cisco PCA end of life

Customers of nearly 100 different Cisco collaboration products now know the clock is ticking to find an alternative solution for Prime Collaboration Assurance and Analytics (PCA) and its monitoring of underlying unified communications infrastructure. Vyopta’s Cisco PCA replacement offers special pricing for existing Cisco customers who are facing Prime Collaboration Assurance and Analytics End of Life.

The end of Cisco PCA has been long known with the end of sale of most SKUs for PCA now slated for this October and end of support coming on Oct. 31, 2024. While Cisco does not have a replacement product in line for PCA, Vyopta has been recommended as a preferred vendor for Cisco Prime Collaboration Assurance and Analytics.

Cisco PCA has long served as a needed service to effectively manage voice and video quality for Cisco Unified Communications, Cisco TelePresence, and the underlying network infrastructure. It ensured customers had the premiere collaboration experience they needed and with Cisco PCA end of life approaching, Vyopta can replace Cisco PCA for customers who want to support and make the most of their Cisco investment for many years to come.

Rather than waiting and  facing a short runway to migrate to an alternative solution, now is the time for Cisco customers to turn to Vyopta, a next-generation data and analytics platform that optimizes usage of UC assets to deliver better quality to users, and provide the intelligence needed to make the best possible UC investments going forward. Special pricing is available to support a cost-effective transition.

Vyopta’s strengths stand out for Cisco PCA customers

By supporting on-premises and legacy technologies, Vyopta is a readymade solution for all monitoring needs and will help enable a smooth migration to cloud-based UC platforms in the future.

With the single-pane-of-glass presentation that Vyopta provides following a fast setup process, companies will have better insight than ever before into the quality and usage dynamics within their organization.

Knowing about quality issues and usage patterns early and easily will allow for confident decision making about how to best use UC and IT budgets and adapt to the ongoing shift to hybrid work environments that place new, increased demands on existing communications infrastructure.

Whether UC capabilities are based in the cloud or use on-premises equipment, Vyopta offers:

  • fast setup and ease of use to cover all of Cisco PCA’s capabilities 
  • a single-pane-of-glass snapshot of quality and usage
  • custom alerts to ensure VIP and high-level executives have the best possible call quality
  • multi-vendor monitoring of all leading UC and collaboration tools

Vyopta is a longtime Cisco Preferred Solutions Partner, offering Cisco PCA customers a rapidly deployable, cloud-based solution for all of their monitoring needs.

Vyopta has received the FedRAMP in process designation and is now listed on the FedRAMP marketplace website, giving federal-level organizations the ability to take advantage of special pricing to sign on and make the transition to Vyopta today. 

Learn more from one of Vyopta’s dedicated Cisco migration specialists.

Chad Swiatecki

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