Meeting room management software: Vyopta’s new Room Insights

Insights from existing collaboration, calendaring, and HR systems to improve room and technology utilization

AUSTIN, TX (June 5, 2018) Vyopta Incorporated, the leading provider of unified communications and collaboration monitoring and analytics, today announced a new product to help customers understand and improve conference room usage.

People, technology, and real estate are the three bigests costs for corporations, and conference rooms are the convergence of all three.  Increasingly, the over 60 million conference rooms globally are being equipped with collaboration technology including video conferencing systems.  

However, employees typically struggle to reserve rooms despite the fact that the average conference room is only used 32% of the time.  In addition, rooms and room technology are often misused with large rooms used for small meetings or video enabled rooms used for in-person meetings.  Sub-optimal conference room utilization leads to billions of dollars of wasted spend, employee frustration, and lost productivity.

How to improve office space planning and optimize room usage

Vyopta’s new Room Insights combines our expertise in collaboration technology with data from scheduling, location, and HR systems to deliver unique insights and solve several key problems with conference rooms today including:

  • Identifying underutilized and misutilized conference rooms and room technology (e.g., video conferencing systems) to scope potential optimization opportunities.
  • Determining which users or groups are most responsible for ghost meetings and inefficient room usage to change behavior
  • Increasing the utilization and the return on investment on rooms and room technology

With over 60 thousand employees globally working to bring new drugs to market, improving collaboration and conference room usage is vital to AstraZeneca.   

“Vyopta helps AstraZeneca answer critical questions about collaboration so we can get the most out of our space and equipment,” says Steve McClellan, Conferencing Technology and Innovation Manager at AstraZeneca. “By marrying technology usage data with calendar information, our Facilities team now saves time and makes better decisions for thousands of conference rooms because we have accurate insights available on demand.”

Key features and capabilities of Vyopta’s new Room Insights include

  • Ability to integrate people counting capabilities from newer endpoints with facial recognition technology, such as Cisco Webex Room Kits.
  • Exchange integration to automate analysis of conference room information such as capacity, scheduling, attendance, and meeting ownership.
  • Inclusion of endpoint usage and performance details such as presentation, presence,  audio, video, peripherals and more.


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You can also see the new product in action at Infocomm June 6-8th in Las Vegas (Booth #1576), or Cisco Live (Collaboration Village) in Orlando, June 10-14th.

About Vyopta Incorporated

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