Vyopta Announces Collaboration Intelligence Solution to Improve Distance Learning

Launching first with Google Meet, it provides powerful collaboration monitoring and analytics 

AUSTIN, Texas, Feb. 4, 2021 — Vyopta, a leading provider of Collaboration Intelligence, is now offering a tailored analytics and monitoring solution for Google Meet used in Education, Healthcare, and Corporate settings. This new solution empowers organizations of all sizes to understand key UC performance metrics for business and compliance reporting and  service assurance for virtual collaboration. The focused-nature of this solution for Google Meet makes it easy for organizations to purchase, deploy, and quickly see value.

“While Vyopta’s dedicated offering for Google Meet will benefit many organizations, we expect the analytics capabilities to make the most significant impact on virtual education, particularly in relation to attendance tracking,” said Jonathan Sass, Vyopta’s VP of Product Management. “Educators will now be able to demonstrate not only that classes took place, but that students were logged on and participating in their lessons. Participation is directly linked to quality of experience; if you aren’t able to validate what the experience was, and it goes unreported, then user adoption or attendance can decline drastically.”

Today, many school systems are already leveraging Google Meet’s technology but lack the visibility that Vyopta provides to help ensure a high-quality experience, which encourages student attendance and engagement. Being able to provide the analytics and datasets for incident investigation improves remediation strategies and decreases downtime.

School systems using Google Meet and Vyopta can view how their IT infrastructure performs against increased demands, and how well the virtual meetings between students and teachers work to deliver synchronous course content. Specific metrics can be generated by class, subject, grade levels, school districts, or even specific campuses to create the necessary reports for the superintendent or the IT department. 

Kjierstin Layton, Vyopta’s channel practice director for state and local education and a board member for the U.S. Distance Learning Association, said that with the second round of CARES funding approved by Congress in December, there will be more oversight involved in securing funding for long-term distance learning needs.

Education administrators that use Vyopta’s expanded coverage for Google Meet will be able to access detailed reports over semesters, a whole year or among certain groups and cost centers to measure how their learning programs are performing. That data is essential for the next round of budgeting and the deployment of more anticipated federal dollars to aid in expanding and improving distance learning.

“This increased oversight requires hard data around performance to justify budget requests  including enrollment, participation rates, and overall quality of connection for all students,” said Layton. “With Vyopta, schools will be able to confidently prove the effectiveness of their choices in how to adapt to online learning.”

Learn more at www.vyopta.com/distance-learning-google-meet.

Vyopta Becomes First UC Monitoring and Analytics Provider to Support Google Meet

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