Cisco Meeting Server Users Want Security and Troubleshooting Help

Meetings are important – that hasn’t changed. They are still used to set goals, ensure everyone is on the same page, etc. What is changing is the the way meetings are taking place. If your company is one of those experiencing the uptick in remote meetings, you probably have Cisco Meeting Server (CMS), Pexip, or even Skype. But, any UC engineer will agree when it comes to a meeting collaboration tool: security and troubleshooting are the two most valuable things to have and without them remote meetings can’t happen successfully.

Having a system like CMS allows users to get a consistent, familiar meeting experience that makes collaboration easier and boosts productivity. But, outside of the corporate world, security is a much higher priority.

How CMS Protects Private Customer Data

Consider this scenario: Telehealth. A place where healthcare and technology connect, without leaving your home. However, if at any point your video, phone or online telehealth experience gets compromised – that patient trust is broken and quality of care is lost. CMS adheres to the most stringent authentication and encryption standards, and gives piece of mind for high-stakes situations, but having a secure connection doesn’t make your infrastructure complete. What if the meeting goes awry and connection is dropped?

Once a server is installed, CMS users have piece of mind in security and ease of collaboration, but virtual meetings don’t always go as planned. Dropped calls, bad connections, choppy video – the list goes on. Having the ability to get unparalleled insight into your meetings is a defining factor to success. Vyopta, the only analytics solution that can support a CMS environment gives users the ability to instantly identify the source of problems and monitor calls. Vyopta helps UC engineers proactively troubleshoot any issues by using alerts to automate detection of unavailable devices, devices experiencing bad quality or even disconnected screens or cameras.

Having a meeting and it suddenly dropping is not good for anyone, but in a meeting environment where highly confidential information is shared such as from a government official or financial breakdown of a Fortune 500 company, issues can have a high impact. Vyopta proactively troubleshoots any issues by using alerts to automate detection of unavailable, unregistered devices or even disconnected screens or cameras. This allows users to identify when a call is breaking down and immediately find out exactly why with date from the source of the problem.

With the details Vyopta provides, and the security an on-premise infrastructure like CMS guarantees, meetings no longer become a pain point of the organization. Quality telehealth care is delivered by medical professionals, state-of-the-union information can be shared by government officials and financial analytics are crunched by financial analysts in a secure manner, but more importantly backed up with the notion that the monitoring Vyopta provides has you covered in the long run, proactively solving problems should any arise.

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