Ebook: Ultimate Guide to Amplifying Cisco WebEx Adoption

What you’ll find: 

  • Tactics to more effectively measure your Cisco WebEx environment
  • How to easily start to grow WebEx usage
  • Methods to optimize Cisco WebEx costs
  • How to identify and reallocate underutilized resources
  • Strategies to motivate and maintain WebEx power users


Over 90% of Fortune 500 Companies use Cisco WebEx as a video conferencing solution. Enterprises with large WebEx deployments cannot afford to neglect their return on investment.

When it comes to Cisco WebEx as a unified collaboration tool for enterprise, there is no need to question its value. However, given the pervasiveness of collaboration technologies today, (e.g., video conferencing, application/content sharing, chat, etc.) masy large enterprises are wasting their (quite expensive) return on investment. This guide will share strategies to help grow Cisco WebEx adoption in video conferencing environments with overlapping technology solutions. We will help you re-think your video conferencing and collaboration environment. We’ll show you how to make a considerable impact driving Cisco WebEx usage and adoption in your organization by using tactics derived from our unified video conferencing analytics tool along with first-hand customer experiences.

We hope you enjoy! 


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